Finalsite + Oliver's Labels

Oliver's Labels is the leading provider of personalized kids labels.

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We know how important it is that all your students' belongings be labeled when they arrive at school. So we’ve partnered with Oliver’s Labels, the leading provider of personalized kids labels, to make it easier than ever for parents to label their kids' belongings while earning your school a 20% commission on every purchase.

Oliver's Labels


Through our Oliver's Labels integration, parents and visitors to your website will have the option of purchasing labels directly from your website. Parents will be able to choose from an assortment of label packages and designs, as well as personalize and even preview what their labels will look like. Upon receipt of order, Oliver’s Labels will custom print and ship their label packages directly to the parents’ home within two business days (delivery times will vary by destination).

Oliver's Labels

Here's How it Works

1) Fill out the form to the right.

2) Oliver's Labels will contact you to provide you with your free embed code to set up your online store on your site.

3) Add a new page to your site and drop in your embed code to activate your online store for label ordering.

To learn how, you can visit our Help Center for detailed instructions.

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