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A brief explanation of the upcoming changes to the eNotify editor, including where you'll find them, and how you can continue using the existing tools (for now....)

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New usability enhancements throughout Forms Plus and Finalsite Learn and , including updates to Attendance, Gradebook, Dropbox and the Dashboard. Also, watch this space for an off-cycle release of a major upgrade to eNotify!

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Software Updates for the week of May 25, 2016, including new "Open In" options for Calendar and Athletic Events elements, new OpenGraph handling for social media sharing, Dismissal Types for early release students in Attendance, Past Grade Report visibility, as well as other new features and bug fixes.

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Bug fix report for Calendar Manager, Apply, Athletics Manager, the text Editor, and more. Also an update showing more grade information on Gradebook reports, and expanded input device support for touchscreen laptop users.

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