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[PODCAST] Tech Tips for Back to School
Cache and Cookies: A Podcast Series About Living and Working in a Connected, Always-On World

FinalsiteFM Podcast Page for Cache and Cookies Episode 9

Justin, Meredith, and Hadley are back together for Episode 9 after a long summer just in time for the new school year. Hear them share some interesting perspectives on working from home, the latest tech tools and apps they're raving about, upcoming Finalsite events you don't want to miss this fall, and a Google Chrome update you need to be aware of (and how Finalsite is getting ahead of this for your school site!)


  • Latest tech tools schools can start using for back to school
  • Upcoming Finalsite events, including Finalsite UK and Web Strategy Workshops
  • What the new Google Chrome update may mean for your site
  • Recommendations from Hadley, Justin, and Meredith for our techie listeners

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