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Software Update, 2/2
Justin Ober

Taking the wraps off Finalsite Posts and the Finalsite Feeds Moderation Console; a new look for the LMS; a new Support Portal - this update has everything!

Hello, friends!

I don't want to speak for you, but I've felt like our updates lately have leaned awfully hard on the bug fixes. I'm excited today though, because this week I finally get to tell you why - we've got a slate of new features that we've been working on, and it's time to peel the stickers off and put 'em to work! First up, we've got two brand new modules to officially roll out.

You may have heard a little bit about Finalsite Posts here and there as we've tested out the beta version, but starting this week, every Composer site that's already got News Manager will get Finalsite Posts as well. Posts can do a lot of things - you can think of it as a lightweight version of News Manager. It's a quick and easy way for constituents to create new content that can be used throughout your site. If News Manager has felt a little too 'heavy' for the way you want to use it, give Posts a shot. New Composer elements let you add posts and collections of posts (called "Boards") to your site pages. You'll also see the first iteration of Finalsite's newest text editor in Posts, so if you have any feedback about that, please pass it along!

Finalsite Posts

The Finalsite Feeds Moderation Console also makes its official debut this week. The Feeds Moderation console lets you curate content gathered from your social media channels and display it all on your website in a unified stream with a common style. The moderation console allows for whitelisting, muting, hashtag- and keyword-filtering, along with the ability to manually remove, add and annotate specific posts in your feed to help ensure that you only showcase the content you feel comfortable with.

We've seen some outstanding Feeds implementations in our beta testing. The Ellington Public Schools homepage uses Feeds to showcase what's happening in classrooms throughout the school system, and Choate Rosemary Hall has a very slick "Live@Choate" feature at the bottom of their homepage. Feeds is available as an additional contract option, so you'll want to contact your Client Success rep for more details about it.

Finalsite Feeds

It seems like that should be enough for one week...but we're not done yet!

Group Spaces - including class pages in Finalsite Learn - have been given a makeover as well. This update makes group space / classroom pages fully responsive, so students and teachers can take advantage of all of the LMS tools on tablets and other mobile devices. We haven't changed any of the features, but some of them have been moved into menus or shifted their positions on the page. Check out this short video that our Finalsite Learn expert Keegan Soncha made to get the full scoop on what's different in Finalsite Learn / Group Space pages.

Schools using Finalsite Apply may have already seen the update to the Parent User Interface that we rolled out on that platform last week. Parents who log in now will see a unified screen that allows them to keep tabs on application progress, applicant and parent communications, invoice payments, and more.

Finally, we've got one more new feature that's near and dear to me personally: our Support Portal, including the Knowledge Base, has transitioned to a modern platform. The Support team pulled together in a huge effort this month to scour the existing Knowledge Base, pull out or flag any old articles that need revision, and re-upload everything to the new Support Portal. One major difference between the old system and the new one is that you don't have to login to read KB articles anymore - you can go to and browse the entire Knowledge Base without any hurdles.

Our new platform is going to open up new opportunities for Support in terms of how we handle tickets and share information with you down the line, but in the immediate future we want to make sure that our articles and procedures are all working as expected. Allow me to show off a bit by linking directly to a KB article with additional details about the new platform and the tweaks we've made to the ticketing process. (It's going to be a long time before I get sick of how easy that is....)

I will be updating the new and improved Knowledge Base with current screenshots for those modules that received visual refreshes this week. The Finalsite Apply and Finalsite Learn sections have already started to get new screenshots, and we'll do the same with the content on Finalsite Training, as well. (Keep an eye out for more Training content on the new features soon, as well.)

Phew! New feature releases are always my favorite Software Update blog posts to write, but they sure aren't short. Keep reading for the full list of what's new this week.


  • Added a favicon to browser tabs with an admin session to identify admin tabs - no more generic icons!
  • Added some animation to modal window pop-ups.
  • Added a control to the Calendar element settings to allow schools to turn off the "Alerts" bell icon when events are set to open in a pop-up.
  • Added an "Unselect All" control to the Calendar element, to make it easier to handle very long lists of Calendars.
  • Admins can now expand and collapse the lists of Calendars in the Calendar Tools Element > Settings > Calendar List.
  • Athletes who are set as "Team captains" in Athletics Manager will now be marked as such in Athletics elements, just as they had been on Page Manager.
  • Removed the Athletics Events Settings > "Event" format > "Event Settings" menu, as these settings are covered in the Athletics Events Settings > "Event" format > Event Details section.
  • Athletics Roster elements will no longer show a 500 error when site users click on Coaches' constituent profiles.
  • Added a control to give admins the ability to hide team names in the Athletics Teams > "List" format > Event Details element settings.
  • Updated the selection window that appears when linking to Media Manager content.


  • We're turning off the "classic" eNotify editor in favor of the new "Templates" editor. If you contacted Dan and requested to leave the old system in place, this will not affect you. If it turns out that you need content from an old email template, let us know and we'll reactivate it for you.

Finalsite Learn

  • Updated the interface to be fully responsive.
  • Marking Period exports will now work as expected (or fail with an explanation), instead of hanging without displaying an error.

Forms Manager

  • Fixed a bug preventing the editor from saving changes to Custom Payment Instructions.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing admins from deleting fields off a form in certain circumstances.

Update: This post was updated on 2/3 to clarify that Finalsite Posts will be rolled out to all sites that have News Manager and are on the Composer platform.