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Experts in the House

Finalsite has over a dozen employees who have had leadership roles in independent schools - former directors of admission, alumni, communication, not to mention coaches and teachers. We have also been presenting for associations world-wide for over 15 years. We hope this gives you confidence that we understand what schools face every day.


  • Wired But Not Plugged In: Managing Your School in an Online World (TABS, 2000)
  • Wired But Not Plugged In: Maximizing Your School's Web Presence (GISA, 2002)
  • Wired But Not Plugged In: Managing Your School in an Online World (NAIS, 2002)
  • The World Wide Admissions Web (NAIS & SSATB, 2003)
  • Party On The Web: How to Make Your Alumni Communities Work (Alumni Program Council, 2003)
  • Wired But Not Plugged In: Managing Your School in an Online World (PNAIS, 2003)
  • Communicating: That's What It's All About (CASE/NAIS, 2004)
  • Party on the Web: How to Make Your Online Alumni/ae Community Work (ISASW, 2004)
  • WWW Dot Say What? Who's Getting Tangled - You or the Prospect? (SSATB, 2004)
  • World Wide, What Next? (FCIS, 2004)
  • Print vs. Web, Push vs. Pull: How to Play Electronic Tug-of-War (Alumni Program Council, 2004)
  • Party on the Web: How to Make Your Online Communities Work (Web Communications and Strategies Conference, 2004)
  • Small Shop Website Management (SBSA, 2005)
  • To Login or Not To Login: Portal Environments (AISGW, 2005)
  • Paperless? World Wide Brain-dead? Or both? Making the E-most of Your E-world (NCEA, 2005)
  • World Wide, What Next? (PNAIS, 2005)
  • Save Trees, Use the Web: Model for a Paperless Environment (NAIS, 2005)
  • The Recruiting Interactive (TABS, 2005)
  • Podcasting (TABS, 2006)
  • Website Best Practices (NBSA T+L, 2006)
  • Maximize the Potential of your website with eRate Compliant Web Software and Services (MA Superintendent Technology Leaders, 2006)
  • Online Notifications: Lessons Learned (SSATB, 2006)
  • Marketing Your Website: A Case Study on The Hotchkiss School and Considerations for Your Website (Hobsons International Boarding Schools Conference, 2006)
  • MySpace or YourSpace - Developing an Online Social Network (TABS, 2007)
  • Practical Marketing with your Website (PNAIS, 2008)
  • Young Alumni and Web Technologies (CASE/NAIS, 2008)
  • Young Alumni and Web Technologies (GISA, 2009)
  • Portal Management (NCAIS, 2009)
  • Avoid a Design Recession: How to Do More with Less (NCGS, 2009)
  • Unified Communications (TABS, 2009)
  • Using Social Media (EdSocial Media Summit, 2010)
  • Unified Communications (Mid-Atlantic Independent School Business Officers, 2010)
  • Guerilla Marketing: Mobilizing Our Greatest Assets to Increase Enrollment (NCEA, 2010)
  • Web Strategies for Sustainable Catholic Schools ACAAP, 2010
  • 30,000 foot view of Digital Engagement Strategies for Heads of Schools FCIS, 2010
  • Social Media: Harnessing the Power for Your School VAIS, 2010
  • Heads and Chairs conference SEAL, 2010
  • What's Next? Future Trends For School Web Communications TABS, 2010
  • Leading In Digital Times: Revisiting Your Web Strategies for Today's World TAIS, 2010


  • Small School, Big Website (SBSA)
  • Volunteer & Donor Engagement 2.0 (TABS)
  • Change and Innovation in Independent Schools (FCIS)
  • Social Media On the Web (ISM)
  • Social Media On the Web (AISAP)
  • Social Media On the Web (AimHigh)
  • Social Media On the Web (ISM)
  • Roundtable (CAPSS Roundtable)
  • Social Media and Admission (ISASW)
  • Social Media and Development (AISNE)
  • From the Office Of...Blogging As The Head of School (SSATB)
  • The Move to Mobile and Boarding School Websites (TABS webinar)
  • Top Online Trends for Admisions (ERB)
  • Thinking Bottom Line on the Web? Think Strategically for Success (SAIS)
  • Web Trends for independent Schools (Xaverian Bros Adv)
  • Virtual Learning Environment (Fall CUE 2011)
  • Social Media and Development (TAIS)
  • From Print to Pixels: Online Communications (ISACS)
  • The Move to Mobile: Case Studies and Tips for Success (ISACS)
  • Website ROI (PNAIS)
  • School Viability and Your Website (AISNE Trustees)
  • Social Media Fundamentals (PNAIS)
  • What's New? Online Trends for Admissions (IECA)
  • Tuning Up Your Web Presence (ECIS IT)
  • Social Media and Your School (ECIS IT)
  • Mobile 2012 (ECIS Main)
  • The Right Mix: The Cloud, Social Media, Mobile and Your School Website (TABS)
  • Cutting Edge Web Trends For Marketing Your School Online (CASE VI)
  • Heads Presentation (VAIS)
  • Social Media & Development (CASE-NAIS)
  • Friendraising or Fundraising (CASE-NAIS)
  • Social Media and Web Trends (Castilleja School)
  • QR Codes, Mobile, and More: Connecting Online With Your Community (NAIS)


  • Redefining target marketing: Digital techniques to engage EACH of your audiences (NAIS)
  • Employing a Dynamic Content Marketing Strategy in a Small Shop (TABS)
  • Volunteer Engagement 2.0 (TABS)
  • The Role of the International School Website (AAIE)
  • Social Media and Web Trends (Saint Andrew's)
  • Parental Involvement and the Online Connection (CCSA)
  • Mobile: Oakridge School Case Study (NAIS)
  • Virtual Learning Environment & Website Planning (NCCE)
  • Marketing Your School and Mission Online (AMS)
  • Virtual Learning Environment (CUE- Annual)
  • The Pay-off of Connecting End Users to School Through Meaningful Online Experience (NBOA)
  • Parental Involvement & the Online Connection (ISTE)
  • New Media Strategies (NCGS)
  • Mobile First: Rethink Your Online Admissions and Home-School Communications Efforts (ERB)


  • Leverage Mobile and Social Media Tools Designed for Learning and Collaboration NAIS
  • Admissions Trends on the Web ECIS
  • Website Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Learning IWBNet, New Zealand
  • Cultivating Your Donors in the New Mobile Future (ACAAP)
  • Be Responsive: Website Strategies for Delivering Mobile Experiences that Engage Users (ECOO)
  • Exploring What’s Next in the Mobile, Social, and Learning Management Revolution (MISBO)
  • What’s new and what’s next in web trends for elementary schools? (ESHA)
  • A Map for the Future: Planning Your School's Web Strategy (NJAIS &FCIS)
  • Push, Pull & Engage: Web Strategies for an Immersive Web User Experience (Tri Association)
  • Whats Next? How Public Schools Can Keep Up in Technology (CABE/CAPPS)
  • Running Your Boarding School in the Cloud (TABS)
  • Branding Using Technology/Social Media Yes or NO (NCAIS)
  • Collaboration and Convergence: Website Strategies to Facilitate Learning (ASB Un-Plugged)

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