School marketing and communications offices are being asked to produce professional results in multiple arenas. We can help.


We Are Partners Who Know Schools

In addition to first-class experience in the world of school website design and software, Finalsite has a deep bench of "school people" who've played important roles themselves in the communications, admissions, institutional advancement, and academic departments of schools just like yours. We have a former Director of Admission, Director of Technology, Head of Academic Technology, Communication Directors, coaches, and teachers — on staff, all working for you.



Finalsite Dashboard sifts through and simplifies a vast amount of web visitor data to help you understand exactly how your school’s website is being used. And, as part of Finalsite's family of more than 1,500 schools, we’ll tell you where your school’s site stands with anonymously aggregated benchmark comparisons that gives you a clear idea of how you measure up.

With Finalsite Dashboard, you'll know what's happening on your site and be able to use that data to demonstrate ROI, make smarter decisions, and benchmark yourself to peer schools.

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PAY-PER-CLICK AD Campaign Management

From Google AdWords to Facebook Ads, the shift from print to digital advertising is on.  Finalsite makes the most of your advertising dollar by:

  • Targeting the people looking for the things you do, whether that's school year admissions, summer programs, employment, facility rentals…you tell us!
  • Crafting ad copy to ensure that you're not wasting money on unqualified clicks
  • Providing best-practice guidance on the landing pages that must convert ad-clickers into prospective applicants, summer campers, and so on
  • Tying ad performance to quantifiable outcomes like admission inquiries and camp registrations to measure ROI
  • Monitoring your ads to identify opportunities for improvement 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How many of your website's new visitors come from search engines?  For some schools the number is over 80%! Do you know your number? Let’s take a look.  We are search engine experts who keep up with the evolving nature of how sites succeed; we promise to help you establish and maintain a Page 1 presence for searches that matter.  At the outset, we make sure our SEO work for you is tailored to your goals, and then we do the heavy lifting to move the site up in the rankings for the most valuable searches.

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Website Statistics Consulting

We spend hours poring over school website stats and see very clear trends in how visitors behave.  We can work with you to:

Develop and deliver recurring reports that answer your stakeholders’ "burning questions" about how the website contributes to their efforts

Help you make better decisions by putting your stats in the context of the broader school website universe we track.



Strategic Alignment

Whether your site is “mid-life” or “retirement age,” there's a good chance that the institutional priorities that drove its mix of features have shifted.  Let Finalsite help you realign your website practices with the school's current roadmap.

In the course of a site's life, we can help you put the horse back in front of the cart.  By helping you map your current practices to organizational goals and identify new tactics to complement them, we'll make sure you spend more of your time on things that contribute directly to the school's success — and less on things that don't really matter.

When you’re heading into a redesign, we can fold this work right into the project.  We are uniquely positioned to do this because of the experience gained from serving 1,000 independent school clients around the world and the perspective that comes from a team that includes former independent school communications, admissions, and institutional advancement personnel, as well as teachers, coaches, and dorm parents.



Operational Alignment

Your site is aligned to support your institutional strategy, but how do you actually organize the work, distribute the responsibilities, and get it all done on a daily basis?

Our strategic and operational consultants have been there. We can help shape an implementation and ongoing operations plan to fit the needs of your campus community.

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Social Media

We can help you design a strategy for your school to embrace the informal social media space as a dynamic extension of your site.

Let Finalsite be your partner as you create great content, listen to the conversation, bring more people into the process and ultimately, build lasting relationships. Our websites have customizable social media features that you control, including:

  • Blogs with comments you can control
  • RSS feeds, outbound and inbound
  • Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr web parts
  • iCalendar feeds
  • Facebook Social Plugins
  • Discussion boards

We are your partner in turning your goals into a realistic, daily plan of action for all the members of your team.

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