Design Spotlight: Auto-play Video Headers (Part 1)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. With online competition growing steeper — and prospective families’ attention spans …

Posted by mia.major in Design Spotlight on Monday October 6 at 11:41AM
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Back to School Site Launches: Part 2

When it comes to your website, you want to make everyone happy. You want prospective students to think, “I belong here.” You need current constituents to think, &…

Posted by mia.major in Success Stories, Design Spotlight, Website Launches on Friday October 3 at 11:43AM
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Working Too Hard For Inconsistency: Far Hills Country Day School Case Study

Dealing with student data is like playing a game of dominos when you were a kid. Each time you thought you finally got it set up just right, a sibling or classmate would come …

Posted by mia.major in Success Stories, Integration on Wednesday October 1 at 11:48AM
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Right Banner Content: Love It or Leave It?

It’s the one checkbox left on your to-do list that’s been haunting you since you started the redesign process: right banner content.

Right banner content is a …

Posted by mia.major in Best Practices on Monday September 29 at 11:46AM
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We're On the Road!

The leaves are changing; the cooler weather is setting in; it’s darker earlier; and you’ve finally made the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee (reluctantly) &…

Posted by mia.major in On the Road, Finalsite Events on Friday September 26
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The Homework Debate and the Role of Technology

There’s a new mini series hitting your local public television station on September 25th about America’s “overworked achievement culture;” schools…

Posted by mia.major in Take Note, InSites on Wednesday September 24
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Stalking Me Softly: Remarketing Ads for Schools

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads — maybe you’ve run some of them yourself — but there’s a wrinkle to PPC that…

Posted by Red Abbott in Search Engine Secrets, Best Practices on Monday September 22 at 01:22PM
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Why Responsive? [With Infographic!]

A world saturated by smartphones and mobile technology is no longer just a prediction. It's reality. From locating nearby restaurants while exploring a new city, to online …

Posted by mia.major in Design Spotlight, Best Practices on Friday September 19 at 11:37AM
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App Happy: Duchesne Academy Takes Their Directory Online

We all know the problems with print: it’s permanent and quickly becomes outdated, and it’s nowhere near as secure as a password-protected portal or iPhone app…

Posted by hadley.rosen in Success Stories, Best Practices on Wednesday September 17 at 01:44PM
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Six Degrees Of Separation

Many international schools become pretty quiet during the summer months as faculty and staff head to their home countries for extended summer holidays. And as the new school …

Posted by Debbie Eisenach in Get to Know, On the Road, International on Monday September 15
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