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About Finalsite

Finalsite is the preferred digital marketing and communications platform for schools and districts around the world.

Our Story

"Finalsite’s growth from small, humble beginnings to a global market leader, is all due to the people. We’re a team of innovators, doers, go-getters, and genuine individuals who care deeply about the success of our clients. That last part is important — and is our key differentiator in the market. As the CEO, my goal is to keep clients, employees and investors on an equal playing field. Everyone is on the same winning team, and are treated that way."


Who is Finalsite?

Learn in this short video what makes Finalsite unique, how we started from humble origins 20 years ago, and how we continue to drive innovation and stay true to our dedication to providing the website software solutions for schools of all sizes and varieties around the world.

Why Finalsite

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We have a proven track record of helping our clients enroll more students, communicate faster and better, increase donations and better engage their entire community with our software and services.


Years of Innovation
Inspired By Schools Like Yours

We stay one step ahead of the competition by pooling our collective school client base to inform our product strategy, our processes, and our team's priorities. When you work with Finalsite, you are part of a much bigger network of the best schools in the world that you can lean on, collaborate with and learn from all year long. 

Our People
Care About Your People

We are a partner from the beginning and love bringing our team together with yours to create something new that will transform your organization. Our support is the best in the industry, and that comes to bear in our 99% support rating and 96% client retention rate.

Global Reach
That Knows No Boundaries

With clients in 110 countries, we have direct experience in the complexities of working internationally, whether it's multi-lingual websites, payment currencies, support coverage or hosting needs — we're more prepared than any other company serving this market.

Proven Results
With Numbers That Don't Lie

With over 140 design awards, 96% client retention since 1998 and 99% support rating from clients, our metrics demonstrate not only the quality of our products and processes, but our ongoing commitment to the schools and districts that partner with us.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Education is as much a calling as a career. This fuels our mission at Finalsite—to help our clients prepare students to be successful and make a positive difference in the world.



Finalsite's people, products and services will transform the way school communities engage with their schools.




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Strong Work Ethic

Our employees are committed to success and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. We are confident that what we have today will be fit for purpose in the years to come. 

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We listen to and care about our clients as partners and value them as critical to our short and long-term decision making and company strategy.

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Employee Well-Being

We aim to provide an environment allowing employees to take pride in their work and achieve their full potential.

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Healthy Competition

As a team we play to win, but we do not compromise our values to do it.



We strive to be transparent and honest in our approach, and do the right thing regardless of who’s watching.




Schools Around the World

In 110 countries choose Finalsite as their partner. 


Finalsite has committed to being a true partner to our growing family of public school districts nationwide.


New Websites Launched Annually

Our team brings schools' visions to life online every year. 


Million Site Views Every Day

Reliable uptime and Google Cloud Hosting around the world make it happen. 


Client Retention Rate

Schools who choose Finalsite stay with us, year after year. 


Relationships with our clients and colleagues make Finalsite a pretty awesome place to work. 


Our sites stand out in the world's most prestigious web design competitions.



Means you can rest easy 24/7 knowing your website is up and running, even while you sleep.

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A team that is kind by nature, and collaborative by design.

Finalsite boasts a team of more than 200 employees who all share the exact same focus: your success.

Our mission is to help schools like yours achieve your goals. We want to make your life easier through great software, the best support, and a deep understanding of the complexities you face every day. 



Real people, really quick response times.

If you were to ask Finalsite clients why they stay with Finalsite year after year. They might say "free cookies," but they'll also say "support."

We consider every client a partner, and to be a good partner we need to deliver high quality work every day. This means a continuous commitment to your success. We succeed if you succeed. Talk to our clients and ask them!


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Reliable and innovative technology.

Every day, we innovate. We look to the future to see what is missing, and create new products to help schools there.

Our agile development process and experienced software development team means we are constantly assessing our roadmap to evolve with the changing dynamics of the marketplace while ensuring the platform remains stable. 


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