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"Our project manager [at Finalsite] provided guidance, feedback, and ideas that help guide our decisions, helped us learn how to use the new platform, and inspired us. I’m pretty sure he answered many of the same questions multiple times as we learned how to use the new tools. He approached each question with grace, patience, and a smile."

- Jill wagoner | director of STRATEGIC communications at The St. Paul's Schools

Working with Finalsite

Jill Wagoner, Director of Strategic Communications at The St. Paul's Schools, said the customer service is what she loves most about Finalsite. "Whether it is troubleshooting an issue or building a new website, our rep, the Support team, the SEO team, and the project management and design teams who build websites have been responsive, creative, and collaborative partners."

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Creating a Better Website User Experience

The St. Paul's Schools started their partnership with Finalsite in 2010. At that time, the schools were separate entities: St. Paul's School and St. Paul's School for Girls. In 2018, the schools' Boards of Trustees voted to unify the governance structure and become one coordinated and collaborative system with three schools: St. Paul's Pre and Lower School, St. Paul's School for Boys, and St. Paul's School for Girls.  

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The following year, The St. Paul's Schools began a massive website redesign project — to merge three previously separate websites into one, cohesive best-in-class website that could better tell the story of their family of schools. The project involved everything from updating messaging and design details to merging SEO efforts and databases — all while ensuring each school's distinctive identity, mission and values shone through!  

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The redesign also came with a change in the backend experience for the schools' website admins. Newly-powered on Composer, Finalsite's CMS, the website makes it easy to globally update pages, manage editing permissions among website admins, and access a suite of SEO tools. "Composer was a big step up from Page Manager and enables us to do so much more with our website," said Jill. 

Making a Positive Impact

"Finalsite's tools and modules enable us to better tell the story of our organization and communicate with our key stakeholders," said Jill, "We appreciate the Finalsite partnership and look forward to working with your team as we move forward with this new site and begin to use Messages, Workflows, and roll out our new app." 

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About The St. Paul's Schools

The St. Paul’s Schools is a family of independent day schools in Baltimore County, Maryland serving children from infancy through grade 12. The three schools share an Episcopal identity and a 120-acre campus — where students benefit from both a small-school learning environment and a large campus full of opportunities.

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