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"We hired Finalsite because we needed experts that cared about our community and goals as much as we do."


A responsive and accessible website redesign

When Antelope Valley Union High School District received an OCR complaint in 2017, they knew they needed a website provider that would be responsive and help them through the process. In working with Finalsite, Antelope Valley UHSD launched an accessible website, mitigated an OCR complaint, and continues to receive excellent support to help them achieve their goals and improve communications.

Antelope Valley High School website homepage


Making the switch to Finalsite

When Antelope Valley UHSD decided they needed a new website, they also knew they needed a new website provider. Their previous provider did not meet their expectations for customer support or design. 

“Support was a big problem with our vendor. It took forever to get answers or help, and they never reached out proactively,” said Betsy Sanchez, Director of Communications. 

This made it difficult for Betsy to make simple website updates. Since moving to Finalsite, the experience has been much different. 

“Finalsite Support has been phenomenal,” Sanchez said. "Everyone is responsive and so willing to help.”

Simplified Content Management and Accessibility

When moving to a new website platform, it can be intimidating to get users up to speed. 

“Finalsite has more options than and is so much easier to use than other vendors. Our web coordinators aren’t savvy, but they find Composer easy,” Sanchez said. “Plus, Finalsite’s partnership with AudioEye has made the OCR mitigation process and web accessibility seamless for us.”

Eastside High School website homepage with AudioEye toolbar


About Antelope Valley Union High School District

The Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD) includes eight traditional and three alternative high schools, SOAR -- an early college high school on the Antelope Valley College campus, the no-cost, charter Academy Prep Junior High, an online education program and Antelope Valley Adult Education. The district serves 23,000 students in the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, and the surrounding area.

AVUHSD schools offer a variety of programs to prepare students for college and careers. AVUHSD career academies and pathways, which focus students’ coursework toward a specific field of interest, include industries such as agriculture, digital design, engineering, environmental science, health care, law and government, the arts and multi-media.

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Design Details

  • Theme Design
    • Accessible design
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Mobile-first approach
    • Branded school websites


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