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“In four redesigns in two districts, I’ve never experienced such a smooth process. Finalsite laid out a timeline, envisioned our goal almost immediately, and gave us the tools that helped us be strategic in what and how content was placed on pages.”

- ANDREW HAGAN | Communications specialist

A strategic redesign that celebrates excellence

When Wayzata Public Schools entered the website redesign process, they were looking for a provider who could create a design that accurately reflected their brand. Their previous website “felt patched together,” and didn’t align with who they were as a district.

By working with Finalsite, Wayzata created a custom web experience that informs and engages their prospective and current communities.

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Making the switch to Finalsite

When Wayzata Public Schools was ready for a new website, they also decided they were ready for a new website provider. Their provider at the time was expensive, and they didn’t feel as though they were getting a return on investment.

“While cost was certainly a motivator, we wanted to move to Finalsite because we’d had a positive relationship with them for our Alumni website and we wanted to build on that relationship,” said Andrew Hagan. “We’d also heard from neighboring districts about their positive experiences with Finalsite.”

Wayzata Public Schools quick information panels


Thinking mobile-first

Nearly 50% of Wayzata Public School’s website traffic was coming from mobile, which means they wanted to use this redesign strategically.

“We wanted to reimagine our website and be forward thinking in how we wanted our stakeholders to engage with our website, email and social media for the next few years,” Andrew said.

Wayzata Public Schools website homepage on an iPhone


About Wayzata Public Schools

Wayzata Public Schools is a vibrant, caring community of teachers and students located in the Twin Cities' western suburbs. Extending from the north shore of Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata encompass 38 square miles of beautiful countryside, lakeside communities and growing suburbs.

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Design Details

  • Custom, Mobile-First
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • LDAP Connection

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