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Our Technology

A robust and secure software platform built for the needs of schools around the world.

Our Technology and Infrastructure

Finalsite's software is a SaaS-based Marketing and Communications Platform built on latest web application technology. Software as a Service means that our software is accessible from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. Our software is continuously being improved through a rigid product development process, based on feedback from clients, patterns that emerge through usage analytics, and trends we see in the market.

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Always Innovating. Always Improving.

We make continuous investments across all parts of our platform and are constantly reviewing and upgrading our infrastructure, hosting environment and software in response to market trends, new requirements and regulations, and overall demand.

You can expect:

  • Automatic software updates and release management
  • Server security and daily data back-ups, including off-site storage
  • Redundant infrastructure with 99.9% uptime
  • DDoS mitigation solution 
  • Integration with CloudFlare content delivery network  (specialized servers that accelerate the delivery of web content)


Finalsite's Agile Software Development Approach

Finalsite’s software is developed using an agile methodology, where an iterative approach is used to release new features quickly to obtain and incorporate client feedback. Beta and early adopter programs are available and client participation is encouraged.

Meet & Plan

Our Support team reviews the support tickets when a client has a question or concern. If our software is missing the feature they are looking for or if the feature doesn’t work as expected, these details are shared to our Product Management team to clarify and prioritize. We also collect input from what we're seeing in the market as a whole as well as our Client Success Managers who are talking directly to clients about strategy, trends and best practices to determine our course.

Design & Develop

Once our team decides the course of action, we begin to design out the look and feel of the enhancement. Then our savvy development team takes the reins to build the improved functionality.

Code & Test

Once the software has been designed and developed, it typically gets released into Beta to select volunteer clients, who work with our development team to work out any kinks.


After days, weeks, or months, the product enhancement is released to all clients for use.


Our Product Management team continually engages with clients to understand their challenges and facilitates development of solutions to streamline workflows and make our clients' job easier. Each client also has a Client Success Manager they meet with regularly. If, during their meeting, the client reports any feature requests or features that don’t work as expected, the Client Success Manager will share that information with our Product Management team. 

Repeat & Improve

For each software enhancement or innovation we repeat this process start to finish.

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