Join our employees as we "Walk the World" for Save the Children.

Finalsite will donate $1 for every mile walked, up to $20,000. All you have to do is walk.

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Walk the World with Finalsite

How to Participate

You walk, we donate. It's that easy. 

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🏃  Grab your pets, kids, or socially-distanced neighbors to get active! Then, log your miles to help get us to 20,000.

🎥  Document your participation through video or photos and use the hashtag #FinalsiteWalksTheWorld on social media to spread the word!

Finalsite employees are fully committed to walking 20,000 miles — but we can get there faster with your help! Let's make a difference together!

Why Are We Donating to Save the Children?

This year, our holiday gift to clients is a $20,000 donation to Save the Children on your behalf.

Serving in over 100 countries, Save the Children is a leading charity in child health, education, and protection. At Finalsite, we believe that in order to invest in our future, we need to invest in the education of our children. Save the Children has helped deliver quality education to over 273 million children in the last decade, reduce the number of out-of-school children by one-third since 2000, and is avidly working to serve more than 300,000 kids since the start of the pandemic.

So what do you say, will you join us?



We're Making Progress With Your Help!

  • $16,542
  • $20,000

Travel the globe with us!

Our 20,000 mile group walk will start at Finalsite US Headquarters in Glastonbury, Connecticut and end at Finalsite UK Headquarters in Teddington, London. The walk will bring us through ten cities across the globe where hundreds of Finalsite clients are located. Here's where we're headed:


Join us for #FinalsiteWalksTheWorld