Magnus Health Client Story: Salisbury School Eliminates Off-site Student Record Storage With Online Access.

Salisbury School is a college preparatory school for boys located in Salisbury, CT with about 300 students serving grades 9 - 12. Please contact Beth Vernali, Director of Health Services for more information.Charlotte Country Day

The Challenge

Every year, Salisbury School was forced to make follow up phone calls to parents for missing student health information and paperwork. Using an Excel spreadsheet, nurses manually tracked all incoming faxed and mailed forms, and recorded notes regarding missing information and when it was expected to arrive. Other frustrating issues were record storage and chart accessibility.While enrolled, a student’s chart was stored in the health center, and once they graduated or withdrew, it was moved to the archives in a separate building. For enrolled students, student information was only accessible from the health center because it was all paper-based, meaning trainers, coaches, and other staff did not have visibility over students’ vital health information when they needed it.

The Solution

Initially Beth Vernali, Director of Health Services at Salisbury School, was opposed to an electronic process. But after attending a Magnus Health luncheon, she was immediately interested. “The aspect of having accessibility everywhere was really appealing, and also not having to worry about where to store paper charts,” said Vernali.When first using the system, Vernali and her team found comfort in being able to contact Magnus for assistance. “The Client Services team has been great—very courteous, responsive, and knowledgeable.”

The Results

Single Sign-On for Parents

Salisbury School has been a Magnus Health client since 2013. After previously managing account creation using a manual process, they now take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) access through Magnus Health’s partnership with Finalsite. When parents sign in through Finalsite, they can also access Magnus without having to enter their username and password a second time.

Automated email reminders reduce phone calls.

The most notable impactMagnus made initially was removing the follow up phone calls that used to be the norm. Now, automatic email reminders are solving communication issues with parents.

Off-site student record storage is no longer an issue.

Storage problems have been resolved, and the health center staff can more easily serve students. Vernali and the other three nurses all live off campus, and because charts are accessible from anywhere, SMR is “perfect for nights when we’re on call. It enables more triage over the phone,” said Vernali.

Preparing for emergencies is simple.

Thankfully, Salisbury School hasn’t had many emergencies. When a student needs to go to the ER, they use the “Fax to Provider” option. This faxes the students Vital Health Record and all relevant data right away, making for quick and easy health record transferring.

Securely provide appropriate information to healthcare providers.

The same process used for emergency documents is used for doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or any other provider who may need access to the information. The important thing to note here is that only the required information is shared. “I just run a report showing only what’s needed for them to do their jobs,” said Vernali, adding, “It’s been really nice to disseminate the appropriate information to the appropriate people without sharing more than what is absolutely necessary.”


Salisbury School already had a process in place for health information, but with increased communication and emergency capabilities, and storage issues resolved, “SMR made it that much better,” said Vernali. And, with a great relationship with the Magnus Client Services team, Vernali and the other nurses at Salisbury School can easily provide feedback on what could make the system even more robust and useful in their health center.

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