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  • Public School District
Angelo Otterbein

Do you have the case of the website blues? Feel like there's simply "no money" to even think about a new website? It's time for some cognitive restructuring! Chief Innovation Officer Angelo Otterbein tackles five excuses districts often make and why they shouldn't make them.

  • Marketing/Communications
  • Web Design
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Engaging Generation Z
  • Higher Education
Sarah Englebert

If you want to market your institution in a way that is mindful of Generation Z and the current trends that define their media consumption, one very effective strategy to embrace influencer marketing. Not sure what this is or how to do it? Don't worry. We'll answer these questions and more so you can start engaging Gen Z and turning college hopefuls into enthusiastic students at your institution.

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
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hold onto your students with these three tips for improving retention rates
  • Charter Schools
Anthony Mitchell

When it comes to low retention rates, it’s likely that the problem isn’t that cool drone shot you wanted to be commissioned for the home page but couldn’t get sign-off for. The problem is often much more simple! This post takes you back to the basics with three reasons your Charter School's retention rate isn't as good as it could be. 

  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
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reporter listening to a successful school district PR plan
  • Public School District
Sarah Englebert

Parents and community members are demanding up-to-date notifications and are no longer satisfied with traditional media as a means of receiving important school news. Quality communication can prevent misunderstandings in a world dependent on social media and the internet for news.

  • Crisis Communications
  • Marketing/Communications
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webmasters communicating strategy to employees
  • Higher Education
  • Independent Schools
  • International Schools
  • Public School District
Leah Mangold

You thought you told your website contributors not to use PDFs. And not to forget add alt tags. And so many other things they seem to have forgotten. Here are some tips on communicating best practices to the teachers and staff members who add content to your site. We want your redesign looking it's best!

  • Best Practices
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