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EMS Software Update: August 10th, 2023
Courtney Single

Billing: Account Level Charges have a Term!

Previously, account-level charges didn’t have terms associated with them which caused issues with AR Aging and other reports. In addition, they didn't show up when using term filters. As a reminder, account-level charges are fees that are at the parent level (rather than the student.) Common examples of this are Late fees and NSF fees.

What’s Changed?

On the Ledger:

  • When adding a charge/credit/or payment to the ledger, if the category selected is an account-level category, you’re asked to add a term to associate it with.

  • If you don’t select a term, it will add the term that’s set as the Default Term for payer-level categories on the Billing Setup page (see below for info)

  • This doesn’t change anything for student-level charges/credits/payments (you aren’t asked for a term on those).

  • IMPORTANT: Terms will not be applied to historic account-level charges but previously added account-level fees are editable.

In Reports:

  • The filter options within the following reports have been updated to contain a “no term” option so that the Admin can easily seek out items that do not have a term applied.

    • Ledger Report

    • AR Aging

    • Billing Category

    • The AR Report report term dropdown has been updated to contain “All terms” and “No Terms” options in the term picker.

Billing Setup Page:

  • The Billing Setup page now includes a term dropdown for the Default Term for payer-level categories.

  • ACTION: Set the Default Term. This was not auto-added for schools. If an auto charge comes through and the default term isn’t set, it will set the term to the active enrollment year.

  • All auto assigned fees like late fees will automatically have this term set for them.

  • Important Note: Each year, your school will need to update this (after the last autopay date for the term).

Help Articles

To learn more about this update, please review the following help articles:


Billing: Student & Account Name Updates in Reports! 

  • The student and account name columns on the exported Ledger report and In School Payments report have been updated so that they are broken out into 3 columns for first, middle, and last name. 

  • Previously, the exports contained a single column for the names. This update from a single name column to 3 columns makes v-lookup and last name sorting much easier!

Help Articles

To learn more about this update, please review the following help article:


Additional Resources

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How to Access your Admissions Refresh Checklist

  • Click on 'Settings' --> 'General'--> 'Admissions Refresh.' There's only one checklist per site, so it's shared by all Admins in your system. You can clear out all items each year and re-check them as you complete them. Make sure to click 'Save' at the bottom to save your progress.


Support Help

  • If you have any questions, please click on Help→Submit a New Request within the upper right of your SchoolAdmin site to work with our best-in-class Support Team!  


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