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EMS Software Update: August 24th, 2023
Courtney Single

Billing: New Billing Dashboard!

Schools with our Billing Module now have a Billing Dashboard located within the ‘Billing’ tab. This new page presents a comprehensive overview of a school’s billing data, making it easy for you to track and monitor your overall billing health at a glance!

Important Notes:

  • Location: Billing > Billing Dashboard

  • Sections: The report is divided into two sections:

    • Historical Percentage of Overdue: A graph displaying your school’s overdue percentage by month.

    • Charged vs Collected: A bar graph that displays your school’s total amount charged versus what was collected by month. Under the chart, there are 2 pie charts that display the following:

      • Payment Success (Successful vs Failed)

      • Payment Type

Help Articles

To learn more about this update, please review the following help article:


Admins Can Now Create & Edit Fields!

Admins and System Admins with Data permissions can now create new fields and edit existing ones on their own within Settings > Fields & Data > Fields.

Who can access this feature?

  • Admin Account Types: System Admin & Admin

  • Permissions: Data

Special Note for Diocesan and Multi-site schools:

  • Some fields are standardized across your group's sites for reporting (ie ethnicity, gender, etc). Check with your administrators prior to making a change.

Additional Notes:

  • Contract Fee Rules, Checklist Item Rules, and Payment Plan Rules: Fields associated with these can not be edited. You will see a warning message letting you know and asking you to reach out to support if you'd like to adjust the field.

  • Forms and Exports: Fields that live on forms and exports can be edited. A warning message will appear as a reminder to use care while making edits to these fields. If you're unsure, reach out to our Support team.

Help Articles

To learn more about this update, please review the following help article:


Additional Resources

Admissions Refresh Season is here and our team at Finalsite Enrollment is here to help! 

We’re in the second round of all Admissions Refresh sessions! This includes how to schedule and run events, how to update your system and custom communications and landing pages, how to setup streamlined checklists for your prospective families as well as your internal workflows, and more! Sign up NOW for Admissions Refresh training! Can't make it? Click here to watch the recordings.

How to Access your Admissions Refresh Checklist

  • Click on 'Settings' --> 'General'--> 'Admissions Refresh.' There's only one checklist per site, so it's shared by all Admins in your system. You can clear out all items each year and re-check them as you complete them. Make sure to click 'Save' at the bottom to save your progress.


Support Help

  • If you have any questions, please click on Help→Submit a New Request within the upper right of your SchoolAdmin site to work with our best-in-class Support Team!  


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📢 NEW! Billing Post-Launch Training Sessions

This course is for any school with our Billing Module that has a launched (live) site. It will help you manage adjustments to contracts, ledger actions, communications and daily reporting. We'll also explore the parent billing experience to see what your families can manage from their side of the portal.

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