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EMS Software Update: December 22, 2023
Courtney Single

Billing: Remittance Exports now include Dispute Fees & NSF Fees!

Within the Billing Tab > Payout Report, there’s two Remittance export options, to CSV and to PDF available within the ‘Export’ menu. Both of these options have been updated to display the charged dispute fees and charged NSF fees that are withheld from the Stripe payout total at the top of the export.

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Billing: Option to Retry Failed Autopay Payments!

Under 'Settings > Financial > Billing Setup', you can enable the ‘Retry Failed Autopay Payments’ option to allow the system to re-attempt most* failed payment charges.

  • *While the system can re-attempt to charge most failed payments, some can not be re-attempted. For example, the system can not re-attempt to charge a payment that fails due to a closed bank account.

🗒️ How it Works

If the payment fails due to a supported reason (see the *note above), the following will occur:

Immediately when a payment fails:

  • The charge is added back to the ledger.

  • The new 'Autopay Failure Retry' email will be sent to the payer letting them know that the payment failed and that it will be re-attempted. This email also contains the date that the autopay will be re-attempted on and is located within your Billing emails tab for customization.

2 days after that email:

  • The system will attempt the charge again.

  • If it succeeds, autopay stays on and the payer is sent the 'Payment Received' email.

  • If it fails again, autopay is turned off and the 'Autopay Failure' email is sent.

✏️ Additional Notes: 

  • Payment retries will only happen once. If the second attempt does not succeed, the payer's autopay will be turned off by the system and they will be sent the ‘Autopay Failure’ email located with your Billing emails tab.

  • NSF Fees are only charged once, during the first failure.

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