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EMS Software Update: December 8, 2023
Courtney Single

💲 Billing: Custom Billing Reports are here! (No more pivot tables) 

There are now THREE new Billing reports available with customizations within the Billing tab > Billing Reports!

📈 The new reports are (click on each for the help article):

🗒️ Important Notes:

  • Display Options: All three reports can be displayed by Account Name, Student Name, or both Account and Student Names! Some additional options vary per report.

  • Filter Options: These are available on all 3 reports and are the same options available as on the Ledger report. 

  • Date Range: You can set a custom date range for each report. 

  • Download/Export: All 3 reports have the option to export to PDF or CSV.


💲 Billing: Online Payments can now be edited in the parent ledger!

Online payments can now be edited to avoid discrepancies with charges whenever adjustments were made to the terms of a payer with account-level charges.

  • Information you can edit: Description, Category, Contact/Term, Amount, and Date. 

    • ✏️ Important Note: Even though you can edit the amount, you are not allowed to set any amount more or less than the original payment amount. Amount editing is allowed so that category amounts can be split/edited but they still must equal the original payment amount.

  • Information you cannot edit: Payment Method, Received Date and Total Amount Received.  

📝 Help Articles


 Granular Checklist Permissions

Checklist items can now have permissions set to customize who has access to submitted forms and files! This is similar to our permissions feature for email templates.

If a Checklist Item has a granular permission set, only Admins with that permission will be able to:

  • Edit the checklist item under Settings > Checklists > Inquiry/Admissions/Enrollment.

  • View/Access/Download the information within the checklist item from the Student's Checklist on their contact record.

  • Access/Download the item from the File and Document Submission History Section of the student's contact record.

  • View/Download the items from list pages or through the download menu on the student record.

✏️ Important Note: If no permissions are set, anyone with Admissions or Enrollment permissions can access the respective checklist item in that designation.

📝 Help Articles/Video Content


📚 Additional Resources

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☎️ Support Help

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