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EMS Software Update: June 29th, 2023
Courtney Single

Billing: New In School Payments Report!

At a Glance:

  • This report shows a history of all manual payments made at the school. It can be found under the Billing tab and is called “In School Payments.”

  • Manual Payments are added through:

    • Completing a fee checklist item manually (like marking a deposit fee as complete)

    • Using the “Add Payment” button on the ledger

    • Regardless of the payment method selected (EC, CC, Cash, etc) any payment that is manually added to the ledger through the above methods will show up in this report.

  • The date filter on the new report will pull by the received date.

  • Fee Checklist Items note: When manually checking off a fee checklist item, the received date is optional. If none is added, the In School Payments report will display the date the item was marked as complete.


Updates have also been made to the Ledger Report and the ‘Add Payment’ button within the parent/payer’s ledger.


  • A new ‘Received Date’ column has been added. Note: This column will only show a date for manual payments added through the ledger.

  • A new filter for ‘Manual payments’ has been added to the Filter Options.

  • A column for ‘Received Date’ has been added to the export.

  • Note: Date filters for the ledger report will still pull by the posted date.


Adding a Payment Update

  • A ‘Received Date’ field and ‘Payment Method’ selection is now required as part of the process when using the ‘Add Payment’ button within a parent/payer’s ledger.


Help Articles

To learn more about this update, please review the following help articles:


Additional Resources

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How to Access your Admissions Refresh Checklist

  • Click on 'Settings' --> 'General'--> 'Admissions Refresh.' There's only one checklist per site, so it's shared by all Admins in your system. You can clear out all items each year and re-check them as you complete them. Make sure to click 'Save' at the bottom to save your progress.

Support Help

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