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EMS Software Update: October 30, 2023
Courtney Single

Finalsite Leadflow from CMS to EMS!

🎉 Leads generated from a Finalsite composer form on your school's website (CMS) can now be converted into leads on the EMS side! 


  • Your school needs to reach out to EMS Support for initial setup. Once the Lead Management feature has been enabled on the EMS side, you will have a new option within your Composer (CMS) form setup allowing you to enable data from the form to be sent to EMS.


New in EMS

With this release, there’s a few updates within your EMS site that will only show if the Lead Management feature has been activated by the EMS Support team (see Setup section above). 

  • Dashboard: There is a new filter option “Lead Source”. The lead source is the name of the form that was submitted in CMS.

  • Leads Workflow: (new tab under Admissions > Students in Admissions > Leads). This page lists all Leads (parent records) created through the form generator.

  • Leads Report: (new report under Search & Reports > Admissions Reports > Leads). This report shows each Lead Source (CMS form name), the number of Leads, and the number of students generated from the lead form (including any added siblings), separated by workflow.

Important Notes:

  • Automated Communication Plans are not available for leads and prospects at this time, but manual communication is still possible (ex. bulk emailing leads). You can still set up automated communication plans once your leads transition to an Inquiry status. 

📝 Help Articles


New Alerts if a Payments Account is in an Unverified State

🎉 For Payments accounts that are unverified (this is when additional information is needed, payouts are about to be paused, payments are about to be paused, etc.) the following has been added to alert you:

  • A large red banner visible to all system admins will appear when you log in.

  • An email will be triggered when an account enters one of these states.

  • An error and status summary will display on the Payments screen.

Important Notes:

  • The error message on the Payments page and within the email shows twice. This is outside of our control. It’s just the way Stripe sends it, so it can not be altered.

  • All messages state that the account owner must be the one to make this change.

  • When direct debit releases, 2-factor authentication will be a part of the process. When the admin clicks on the “Update Info” button within the Payments Page, they’ll authenticate by receiving a code sent to their phone in order to get into the page where they’ll update info. This means that *only* the account owner will be able to access/update the info.

📝 Help Articles


Email Templates Now Have Granular Permissions!

🎉 Granular Permissions in email templates allows Admin user types to hide email templates of their choice from those without the permission to view them.

  • For example, if an Admin sets the permission for an email to ‘Medical,’ only Admins that have the Medical permission assigned to them (within Settings > Portal > Admin Accounts) are able to view, edit, and or send that template.

Important Notes:

  • By default, email templates will be available to all if no permissions are set.

  • If a template has a permission set, only those with that permission will be able to:

    • View or edit the template.

    • Send that template to a recipient.

    • View the sent communication on the contact record, sent emails page, and failed emails page. 

📝 Help Articles & Resources


Billing: The Statement Descriptor can now be Customized in an Additional Location.

🎉 The ability to edit the Statement Descriptor is now available in the Payment Setup page for our Billing schools. As a reminder, the statement descriptor is the text that parents see on their bank statement attached to charges from the school.

Important Notes:

  • The statement descriptor is editable under Settings > Financial > Payment Setup and it’s currently still available for editing on the Payments page under Step 3 (Manage Bank Account).

  • The Statement Descriptor box appears on each tab (credit card, electronic check, etc.) but you only need to update the name on one of the tabs (and then save it) in order for it to work.

📝 Help Article

  • Payments: Setup & Onboarding (Updated). Look at Step 5 in the linked section and click on the + sign to expand the additional information.


Additional Resources

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📹 EMS Video Library

  • Click here to watch an array of videos that are only ~5 minutes in duration to assist you in mastering various skills and grasping essential information for your workflows. 

☎️ Support Help

If you have any questions, please click on Help→Submit a New Request within the upper right of your Finalsite Enrollment site to work with our best-in-class Support Team! 

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