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EMS Software Update: October 11th, 2023
Courtney Single

Plug-in Now Available!

🎉 Finalsite Enrollment is excited to announce we now have a plug-in for our schools that can be used to connect to Powerschool’s API.

Important Notes: We do not have an ‘API’ or a partnership with Powerschool. We have a data plugin that your school can use to connect to Powerschool’s API.

Requirements for use:

  • Your school must host your own Powerschool instance.

  • You must be utilizing contacts in Powerschool.

  • Finalsite Enrollment will not support emergency contacts. Your school needs to collect emergency contact information in Powerschool or have an export built outside of the plugin.


  • Contact our Finalsite Enrollment Support team by clicking on Help→Submit a New Request within the upper right of your Finalsite Enrollment site to start the configuration process.

Help Article

Billing: Multiple Autopay Dates are Now Available!

🎉 Multiple Autopay gives your school the option to set up multiple billing dates and allows multiple autopay withdrawals per month. With this feature, the ability to allow your parents some autonomy in changing their billing/autopay date(s) has also been added, but is at the discretion of your school to enable within Settings > Financial > Billing Setup.


  • We now offer 1-4 (single to weekly) autopay options for families. This can be an Admin-facing only option and controlled by your school, or it can be an option given to all parents to self manage, based upon the dates you setup.

  • The last autopay date will be the billing date.

  • Important Note: When enabling this feature, be sure to thoroughly read all documentation as autopay, communication, past due, etc behaviors are all affected by this feature and a communication template update is needed (see notes below).

Multiple Autopay Setup

To enable multiple autopay, navigate to Settings > Financial > Billing Setup. There are 2 sections to manage: 

Billing Communication Updates

NEW - Upcoming Auto Payment Email: This is a new email template that has been added to all Billing sites and is customizable under Settings > Communication > Email Templates > Billing Emails. The timing of the email can not be altered.

  • Action Step: Please refer to this help article for recommended changes to merge tokens if you enable the multiple autopay feature.

Help Articles & Video Tutorial

To learn more about this update, please review the following resources:

Additional Resources

📢 Training Video Library!

These short (5 minutes or less) training videos are designed to empower you in mastering the basics of the Admissions, Enrollment and Billing Modules within Finalsite Enrollment.

📢 Billing Post-Launch Training Sessions

🧑‍🏫 Sign up for Office Hours!

Support Help

  • If you have any questions, please click on Help→Submit a New Request within the upper right of your Finalsite Enrollment site to work with our best-in-class Support Team!  


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