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10 Statistics To Make You Jump On the Blended Learning Bandwagon
Mia Major

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You've heard it a million times: the classroom is moving online. But are you doing anything about it? We've heard all the excuses from "our students aren't ready" to "our school is too small," but we want you to start believing otherwise.

Today, parents, teachers and students are asking for blended learning environments — and no school or budget is too small to be forward thinking. With the use of technology and implementation of "Common Core" growing while budgets are shrinking, considering a blended learning environment isn't something you should be dragging your feet about.

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To save you some time, we did a little research to pull together 10 of the most compelling statistics, infographics, and articles about the success of blended learning environments across the country.

1. The prevalence of online classes is growing. It's predicted that by 2019, half of all classes for grades K-12 will be taught online. (Source) Tweet it!

2. Funding is available. The Medina City School District in Ohio received a $138,000 grant for a pilot program that would institute a blended learning environment for math, social studies, and language classes. (Source) Tweet it!

3. E-learning is proven to be more effective than the traditional classroom model. It has the power to increase information retention by rates up to 60%. (Source) Tweet it!

4. E-learning is green. E-learning classes consume 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer co2 emissions per student than conventional courses. (Source) Tweet it!

5. Students tend to be more engaged. In a study 59% teachers reported that students were more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment. (Source) Tweet it!

6. Parents are requesting it. 36% wish their child's school would make a larger investment in online classes, and 48% of high school parents wish their child's school offered more online classes. (Source) Tweet it!

7. Students see better results. 70% say they learn best in a blended learning environment. (Source) Tweet it!

8. Out-of-classroom communication is becoming increasingly more essential. 60% of students say it's important to have an online forum to communicate with other students. While many schools are using social media as a form of online learning and communication, 57% of students prefer to keep their academic and social lives separate. (Source) Tweet it!

9. A blended learning environment can save you printing costs. On the Finalsite platform alone, more than 36,000 assignments were submitted online using our LMS, and more than 200,500 were submitted in 2013. (Source) Tweet it!

10. Online classrooms offer flexibility and affordability. A blended learning environment costs approximately $2,382 less per student than a traditional in class environment. (Source) Tweet it!

If you haven't already, it's time you jump on the blended learning bandwagon. Forty-two states already have notable blended learning programs, and many others have plans in place to get started, (Source: INACOL).

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