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5 Sessions to Tune Into at AISAP’s 2021 Annual Institute
Emily Howeth

AISAP’s Annual Institute (July 12-15) is approaching swiftly and we are counting down the days. AISAP Annual Institute is focused entirely on the art and science of admissions and enrollment. If you’re looking to learn, grow, and elevate your approach to work, there will be no shortage of sessions to attend based on your interests and career path. This year’s event will take place virtually so you can attend from anywhere across the country. 

SchoolAdmin is proud to be a sponsor of the institute, and also to be leading some sessions of our own. Here are a few of the sessions we’re looking forward to tuning in to:

5 Sessions You Should Tune Into at AISAP 2021

1. Reimagining Admission and Enrollment | The Process and the Profession

 Tuesday, July 13 | 1-2 pm

Join this panel discussion led by Janice Crampton, Executive Director & CEO at AISAP, to hear a variety of professional leaders from all types of schools and locations share their insights and perspectives on the good, and bad, ways COVID affected schools in 2020. You’ll have time to reflect and learn more about ways to create a proactive environment at your school. 

2. Cracking Your Toughest Cookies: How to Turn Parents into Brand Evangelists

Tuesday, July 13 | 2:10-3:10 pm

Session Track: Marketing & Communications

Parents can be your school or district’s toughest critics…but they can also be your biggest fans. With prospective families relying heavily on online reviews and word of mouth to drive their enrollment decisions, turning your current parents into evangelists is key to growing brand awareness, trust, and your applicant pool. Join Rob DiMartino, Chief Evangelist at Finalsite for a crash course in cracking your toughest cookies by sharing the right communications, in the right place, at the right time.

 3. Plots and Plans: Creating Data-Driven Marketing Plans and Dashboards

Tuesday, July 13 | 4:30-5:45 pm

Session Track: Data & Systems

When you gather data around enrollment, you’ll begin to see both patterns and deviations emerge. This may lead to questions like: Why has our yield fallen among families from these towns? Why are we suddenly seeing fewer applications for boys to our Kindergarten? What has happened to our inquiry base for full-pay high-schoolers? Tune in for this session with Chris McColl, Dean of Admission at Keystone Academy where he’ll discuss the importance of formulating marketing questions like these and examine how you can turn them into formal enrollment marketing plans for your school. He’ll also demonstrate how you can create and maintain marketing “dashboards” to monitor progress on your plans. You’ll even receive templates to help you get started. 

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4. Be a Retention Superhero: Protecting Enrollment Post-COVID

Wednesday, July 14 | 1-2 pm

Session Track: Admission and Enrollment Strategy & Tools

COVID changed the way we looked at admissions and enrollment, to say the least. Some schools were lucky — they saw a boost from families looking to move away from public schools and into independent schools as an alternative. As we move past COVID, how do you protect that enrollment and keep students in seats and parents convinced of your school’s value for years to come? Join Kate Auger-Campbell from SchoolAdmin to learn how to dive deep into the data and use insights to keep students and their families around — and be the hero your school deserves.

5. Enhancing School Culture as a Critical Function of Enrollment Management

Wednesday, July 14 |  4:30-5:45 pm

Session Track: Leadership & Operations

As an enrollment manager, you’re also a school culture expert. With a data-informed finger on the pulse of the parent, faculty, and student experience, you have the power to affect change at your school. Which, in turn, impacts recruitment and retention. Join Dana Nelson-Isaacs and Steve Salvo to uncover how enrollment management professionals can work alongside the Head of School and other leaders to create a culture that promotes marketing messages that resonate. In this session, you’ll learn how to assess school culture, what data is available to support your assessment, and get tips for “influencing from the middle” so you leave with both short and longer-term action items. 

With a wide selection of breakout sessions, deep-dive workshops, and networking events to connect with admissions and enrollment colleagues, this is a great professional development opportunity for your whole team. We hope to see you there!

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