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50+ New School Websites Launch for the 2019-2020 School Year
Angelo Otterbein

The summer is one of the busiest times of year here at Finalsite as our designers, front-end developers, project managers, support team, integration specialists and client success managers work in tandem to roll out dozens and dozens of new school and district websites just in time for the new school year. With so many new websites, we won’t waste time with fluffy intros. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Featured Recent Launches

Austin Presbyterian Seminary

Lovely logo, lovely site. A sensible uses of teal provides a nice color scheme with open layouts. The site also has one of the best giving landing pages I’ve seen in a long time and a great giving form to go along with it.

austin seminary giving landing page

Faculty profiles from the homepage feature the Seminary’s most important asset, with a fun and intuitive “flip” effect to engage. Really like the treatment of their workshop schedule, too.

Academy of the New Church Schools and Daystar Academy

What I was intrigued by with ANC was how front-and-center they made their application process on the homepage. When you think about who’s coming to the site, prospective families are top of the list, and this makes it very easy to understand the steps to take.

Applying to ANC homepage panel

Likewise, I thought Daystar Academy’s embedded inquiry form on the homepage was a smart idea -- and congratulations to them for keeping the form short! I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the hardest part of the project. Daystar did a great job implementing one of Finalsite’s custom themes.

St. Bernard Academy

I’m always pleased when I see some chances being taken with typography, such as with SBA

st. bernard academy font choices

I love the simple mission on the homepage, but what a nice landing page for it — one of the best “Our Mission” pages I’ve ever seen!  Nice bold colors with red and blue, integrated throughout the treatments. I particularly like the “Our Characteristics” panel featuring student artwork. How can that dog not make you smile? Great job!

SBA characteristics

ISACS  (Independent Schools Association of the Central States)

We always love seeing a new school association launch! The top utility navigation is perfectly oriented toward the end user, and the spectrum of highlight colors brighten the design. I like how individual schools are featured on the homepage, as well as the integrated social media. Upcoming events are clearly laid out. Lots going on in this organization, which is plainly evidenced by their site.

ISACS homepage

Bancroft School

A best-in-class site never disappoints, and great branding always helps. The geometric “Own Your Learning” plays out in unique ways, helping depart from the square gridlines of a traditional web layout. Clever use of large type for keywords help their values jump off the page. The design plays out well in deep landing pages, such as their admissions homepage

bancroft school geometric shapes

Boulder Valley School District

Huge district and great site launch — not a small project, but a great outcome. The integrated design that leverages functionality while not compromising design sets the site apart in subtle and noticeable ways. Simple use of announcements with large pictures helps the homepage drive key initiatives, and a handy ADA accessible toolbar ensures the site is compliant and accessible for everyone.

bvusd homepage

Detroit Country Day School

The cool opening video on this new launch and a great animated sequence as the school tells its story with the vertical scroll — and we love the use of featured alumni stories to share student outcomes, which is the talk of independent schools these days. 

detroit country day schools "student outcomes" panel

Jakarta Intercultural School

On the other side of the planet, another best-in-class design launched for JIS, one of the largest international schools in the world. Their connection with Indonesia plays out subtly but artfully, and for such a large institution, the site does a great job of keeping it simple to navigate. No cooler alumni brand out there, far as I’m concerned.

jakarta international school homepage

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Archbishop Hoban High School

Speaking of cool homepage videos, here’s one on hyperdrive. The testimonial navigation is unique as is the presentation of their featured programs.

archbiship honan high school testimonials

Their athletics microsite, a nice feature supported by Composer, Finalsite’s content management system, helps leverage the whole top navigation for this important program. I like the Campus Ministry page, with its prayer of the day, too.

Windward School

There’s something about the “W” in Windward that anchors the website design in a way that feels very natural. The divisional overlay helps prospective families quickly get to the area most relevant to their children, and the timeline on the homepage is just a terrific way to share a great and long history.

winward school homepage

Among many nice features on the interior, the performing arts and leadership pages are really well-formed pages that showcase how flexible the content management system is when putting to good use with solid content.

Webb School of Knoxville

There is a super nice transition between video clips on this website homepage. “Go farther. Go Further.” is razor sharp language as to what an education is like here and the tasteful animation helps bring clean panels to life as you school.

webb school of knoxville homepage

In particular, the reimagine landing page is full of excellent content for a deeper dive. Beautiful site, through and through!

webb school reimagine landing page

Hebron Academy

This new website is full of enhancements: one to pay particular attention to is the Finding Your Purpose page. There is a nice use of image buttons, a slider with testimonials, a “next step” panel and factoids, all neatly laid out for the user. This site is worth exploring. The utility navigation contains a “Back to School Guide” and is well developed with lots of helpful content for incoming families. Great idea!

hebron academy back to school guide

Lake Zurich Community Unit School District

It’s always nice to see such a solid, well-developed public school district website that’s accessible, intuitive and visually appealing all at the same time. The use of images with their news items on the homepage is a nice touch, as are the key calls-to-action just below: Our District, Why District 95, and Meet the Superintendent. All things people are going to want to know when they arrive.

lake zurich community school district homepage

One simple but really thoughtful touch is under the parents navigation, there’s a key header “How do I…?” This is a great example of thinking about your target audience.

lake zurich - how do i? navigation

The Park School

This school website makes the unusual — but very smart move — of just putting “Why Park?” right on the navigation. After all, isn’t that the leading question every prospective family is asking?

the park school homepage

They have a really cool “Community Page” which dynamically communicates what brings Park together with an interactive and highly visual play on their own name. And I always like a nice and simple way of displaying quick facts.

park school infographic

The Blake School

Now this is a cool website. The blurry entry to a high-quality video combined with the slim vertical navigation with three choices — news, menu and explore — communicate back to the end-user that this is a unique place that likes to think out of the box.

blake school homepage

As one school with three campuses, the website homepage does a nice job of spelling out just how that works and what’s important to know.

blake school 3 campuses

This is a deep website, but just to mention a few: the Global Focus page that talks about their students’ international experience is incredibly impressive and the admissions landing page checks every box, particularly the “Where to Next?”

Carolina Day School 

Ok, so didn’t know one could fly on a website, but … boom, there it is! How fun and surprising for a prospective student who needs to be engaged? I love how “beneath the clouds” you can explore everything the school has to offer. Simple touches, like the animated factoids and financial aid totals, and the elegant use of video with custom players, elevate the site and the user experience. A very clean, high-quality website all the way through.

carolina day school homepage

Hopkinton Public Schools

This is a really nice district website with some cool features: the Find It Fast overlay from the top navigation is almost everything you need in one well-developed screen. "Highlights from Hill" further down the homepage provide a nice preview into what the district is all about.

hopkinton public schools - highlights from the hill

The "Facts and Figures" are thoughtful and interesting visually. And the integrated “We’re Social” using Finalsite Feeds, provides real-time updates. Nice job!

hopkinton infographic


One of the premier independent schools in Charleston, this website stands up to the school’s name. Elegant but simply designed, the homepage tells a great story of everything Porter-Gaud has to offer. Interior pages like the About Us have succinct content within thoughtful layouts, and more practical pages, like the athletics page, feature a scoreboard that is uniquely displayed and very practical. There is a lot to see here on this website!

porter gaud homepage

Sacred Heart Greenwich

Out of the gate, really like how the header of this school website is uniquely handled in a simple box hanging off the edge, intuitive for users to understand how to explore the site, but small enough to make room for the great video. Landing pages, like this one for college counseling or this one about broadcast journalism, cover a lot of ground quickly, and pulling in Instagram into their athletics landing page is a great idea.

sacred heart greenwich

Asheville School

Couldn’t hit it home any better with Asheville’s homepage message: “one of the few remaining true small boarding schools in America.”

asheville school value proposition on the homepage

More than most, this website does a nice job of conveying its location, tucked away in the mountains in North Carolina but by its namesake, still a part of the vibrancy of Asheville. We also really like how the Outdoor Programs and Visit pages get the job done by providing important content that makes it easy for prospective families to take the next step.

asheville school visit page

The Post Oak School

We love everything about this Montessori School in Texas. Beautiful photography make landing pages like the About Us or The Post Oak Difference stand out, particularly when combined with nice design touches and clean layouts. The Featured Profiles are really great in how they share a story about the kind of community Post Oak is. Excellent job!

the post oak school homepage

Hun School of Princeton

There is so much to like about this incredible school website! Aside from the homepage, which you need to visit yourself to experience, check out the Summer Program area, Hun by the Numbers, one of the most amazing Curriculum pages I’ve seen in a long time (powered by Finalsite Posts), and Next Term.

hun by the numbers infographic

Most every page takes advantage of Composer’s deep design flexibility and layouts, with integrated design treatments, excellent content and fantastic media. This site is a keeper!

hun school curriculum page

Even MORE New School Websites


BSME - British Schools in the Middle East  - https://www.bsme.org.uk

International Schools

Renaissance International School Saigon  - https://www.renaissance.edu.vn/

Concordia International School Hanoi  - https://www.concordiahanoi.org/

American Community School Amman  - https://acsamman.edu.jo

French American School of Rhode Island - https://www.fasri.org/

Seoul International School - https://www.siskorea.org/ 

American School Foundation of Monterrey - https://www.asfm.edu.mx/

St. Dunstans Enterprises - https://www.stdunstansenterprises.org.uk/

US - East

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - https://www.stoneridgeschool.org/

Greenwich Academy - https://www.greenwichacademy.org/

Village Community School - https://www.vcsnyc.org/

Archbishop Williams High School - https://www.awhs.org/ 

Briarwood Christian High School - https://www.briarwoodchristianschool.org/

Charlotte Christian - https://www.charlottechristian.com/

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur - https://www.ndapa.org/

US - Southeast and Midwest

Forsyth School - https://www.forsythschool.org/

The Academy of the Sacred Heart - https://www.ashrosary.org

Christian Heritage School - https://www.chslions.com 

US - West

Catlin Gabel - https://www.catlin.edu/

Marin Primary &  Middle School - https://www.mpms.org

Cardinal Newman High School - https://www.cardinalnewman.org/

Dunn School - https://www.dunnschool.org/

Forest Ridge of the Sacred Heart - https://www.forestridge.org/

Charter Schools

Harriet Tubman School of Science & Tech - https://www.harriettubmancsat.com/


Northgate School District - https://www.northgatesd.net

West Bloomfield School District - https://www.wbsd.org/

Alum Rock Elementary School District - https://www.arusd.org/

Renton School District - https://www.rentonschools.us/

Keeneyville Elementary School District - https://www.esd20.org/

Morris School District - https://www.morrisschooldistrict.org/ 

Widefield School District - https://www.wsd3.org/ 

Iredell-Statesville Schools - https://www.issnc.org/ 

Bridgewater Raritan School District - https://www.brrsd.org/

Richland School District - https://www.rsd.edu/

Higher Education

IYRS School of Technology and Trades - https://www.iyrs.edu/

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport - http://www.lsuhscshreveport.edu/

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Angelo graduated valedictorian from St. Paul's School in Baltimore, MD and from Princeton University. Despite getting his degree in creative writing and English Literature, it generally takes some doing to keep him from programming and breaking websites. Just after graduating, he started Silverpoint, and grew it to over 300 schools worldwide before merging with Finalsite in 2013.

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