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Admissions and Enrollment Software Launches: February 2024
Connor Gleason

From bilingual programs and Catholic schools to academies focused on science, schools across the country made significant progress this February by improving their admissions and enrollment operations, tailoring their messages to families, and simplifying financial processes with Finaliste Enrollment.

Staff workloads have become more manageable, and enrollment experiences have become a smoother, more customized journey for families. So, let's take a closer look and highlight some of the schools that have embraced their new admissions and enrollment management software!

PJS admissions mockup

Princeton Junior School 

Princeton Junior School has made impressive strides in enhancing its admissions and enrollment process through its online platform. It's a humble but mightily site that offers:

Easy-to-Use Forms for Varied Requests: A comprehensive inquiry form allows families to request additional information in several areas. Whether they're scheduling a tour, inquiring about financial aid, or setting up a video conference, the form covers all bases.

Collecting Key Information: An important aspect of the inquiry form is its ability to gather information about how prospective students heard about Princeton Junior School. It also asks about the student's interests and any specific questions the family might have, helping PJA understand the effectiveness of its outreach efforts but also tailoring the communication to meet each family's needs.

Resource-Rich Content for Prospective Families: The website is a treasure trove of information for families, including:

  • A warm welcome message that introduces families to the school's community and values.
  • Direct links to connect with current parents, offering an authentic glimpse into the school experience.
  • A detailed guide to the admissions process, providing clarity and support for families navigating this journey.
  • Comprehensive information on financial aid, demystifying the process for applicants.
  • Announcements of open house days and previews, allowing families to plan visits and engage with the school community.
Cor Jesi admissions mockup

Cor Jesu Academy

Cor Jesu Academy exemplifies how effective admissions and enrollment strategies can be executed through a well-designed website. By focusing on event-driven engagement, personal connections, and easy access to resources, Cor Jesu Academy successfully navigates the complexities of the admissions process, making it a seamless experience for prospective families and students.

Here's a closer look at the standout features of their admissions section:

  • Admissions Calendar: This feature ensures families are well-informed about important dates, such as admissions events, visiting opportunities, and application deadlines. It's a valuable tool for keeping prospective families engaged and up-to-date with the academy's enrollment process.
  • Meet the Admissions Team: The website introduces the admissions team, making the admissions process feel more accessible and friendly, encouraging families to reach out and connect.
  • Parent and Student Testimonials: Featuring testimonials from current parents and students is a strategic way to showcase firsthand experiences and what new families can expect.
  • FAQs Answered by Students: This innovative section offers a unique twist on traditional FAQs by having current students answer common questions. This adds a relatable perspective for prospective students and helps address any questions.
  • Easy Access to Essential Information: The website smartly links important information, such as tuition details, financial aid, scholarships, and how to visit, inquire, or apply in prominent locations. This design choice ensures that families have quick and easy access to all the resources they need to make informed decisions about their child's education.
st david admission smockup

St. David's Episcopal School

St. David's Episcopal School, with a 70-year history, underscores the love and care invested into crafting a nurturing and enriching educational environment. The school presents a compelling example of how a compact website can deliver a powerful and effective admissions experience.

Here's a detailed look at the features that make their admissions pages stand out, addressing the needs of prospective parents and students.

  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: St. David's ensures that their website is fully optimized for mobile devices, regardless of their device.
  • Custom Design Calls-to-Action (CTAs): The website employs custom buttons that align with the school's branded colors, making the site visually appealing and encouraging actions such as inquiring, visiting, or applying.
  • Assessment FAQs: The admissions pages include a section dedicated to FAQs about the enrollment process. 
  • Embedded and Branded Inquiry Form: As a joint CMS (Content Management System) and EMS (Enrollment Management System) client, St. David's utilizes an embedded form that is branded, mobile-friendly, and positioned as a top-level inquiry option. While the form makes it easy for prospective parents to initiate contact without feeling pressured to commit immediately, the school can still integrate the information directly into its enrollment software.
Nernix Hall admissions mockup

Nerinx Hall High School 

Nerinx Hall's website is a prime example of blending vibrant branding with a functional, informative admissions section. It provides a clear path forward for admissions, coupled with engaging content and easy access to events and team members, to create a welcoming experience for prospective families.

Here are the key aspects that make the Nerinx Hall admissions pages noteworthy:

  • Vibrant Branding and Design: The use of vibrant colors and a clean design immediately captures the attention of website visitors.
  • Robust Admissions Section: Nerinx Hall's website features a detailed admissions section that offers everything a prospective family needs to know, from the admissions process to tuition and financial aid assistance, ensuring that families have access to vital information.
  • Easy Event Registration: The admissions section includes a calendar for admissions events, providing a seamless way for families to join and register for these important dates. Whether it's a shadow day, discovery day, or a parent-student event, the process is streamlined and user-friendly.
  • Personal Connections with the Admissions Team: A special section dedicated to meeting the admissions team adds a personal touch to the website. By introducing the team members, Nerinx Hall creates a welcoming environment encouraging families to reach out and engage with the school.
  • Clear Calls to Action: Throughout the admissions pages, clear calls to action guide families on how to inquire, visit, apply, or register for an admissions event. This clarity removes any guesswork from the process and makes it easy for interested parties to take the next step.
  • Streamlined Data Collection: The website utilizes an embedded, mobile-friendly form for top-level inquiries, collecting essential information from prospective parents. This not only facilitates a smooth start to the admissions process but also allows Nerinx Hall to tailor its outreach and provide a personalized admissions experience.
peddie admissions mock up

Peddie School

The Peddie School's inquiry page is a great example of personalizing the admissions process effectively. This approach, coupled with easy access to financial aid information, positions the Peddie School as a thoughtful and inclusive choice for families.

Here are some key elements that highlight their approach:

  • Detailed Prospective Student Profiles: By gathering comprehensive information about extracurricular interests—ranging from athletics and arts to clubs, activities, and community service—the Peddie School can create detailed profiles of prospective students. This approach not only showcases the school's commitment to understanding and meeting the individual needs of its students but also highlights the range of opportunities available on campus.
  • Customized Admissions Communications: The information collected about each student's interests enables the Peddie School to fine-tune its admissions communications, ensuring that families receive relevant and engaging content that resonates with their interests and aspirations.
lyceum site launch mockup

Lyceum Kennedy School

Lyceum Kennedy School’s approach to admissions and enrollment exemplifies how the right software solutions can transform the process for families and the admissions office. By integrating advanced scheduling tools, customizable inquiry forms, and support for its unique bilingual and multicampus structure, the school effectively meets the needs of its diverse community.

Here's a breakdown of how the school leverages these tools in its admissions strategy:

  • Scheduling and Information Requests: The software simplifies scheduling one-on-one virtual meetings, in-person tours, or requesting more information. This convenience is an advantage for families exploring their options, allowing them to easily connect with the school at their convenience.
  • Customized Inquiry Forms: Through dropdown menus on the inquiry form, families can specify their interests, including grade level and campus preference.
  • Calendar Integration for Events: The Lyceum Kennedy School’s calendar feature allows families to view available admissions events and schedule appointments directly. This user-friendly approach ensures that families can easily find and participate in events that fit their schedules, enhancing engagement and accessibility.
  • Support for Bilingual and Multicampus Needs: Recognizing the school’s bilingual nature and multiple campuses, Finalsite Enrollment offers translation features through Weglot that cater to a diverse audience.
science and art academy mockup

Science & Arts Academy

Eureka! Here’s how The Science & Arts Academy is utilizing Finalsite Enrollment and its admissions pages to enhance the enrollment experience:

  • Utilizing Calendar Functionality: By leveraging the calendar features of its enrollment platform, the academy makes it straightforward for families to schedule virtual admissions meetings, attend admissions events, and explore other opportunities to engage with the admissions office. 
  • Comprehensive Admissions Overview: Recognizing the unique considerations when enrolling gifted children, the Science & Arts Academy provides a detailed admissions overview. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for connecting with the admissions office and information on attending on-campus events, ensuring families have all the information they need to navigate the admissions process confidently.
  • Streamlined Tuition Payment Process: Behind the scenes, the academy has integrated the Billing Module to streamline the tuition payment process for families. This move toward efficiency demonstrates the school’s commitment to making the financial aspects of enrollment as hassle-free as possible.
  • Centralized Admissions and Enrollment: By moving all aspects of the admissions and enrollment process "under one roof," the Science & Arts Academy has created a seamless experience for families. This unified approach not only makes it easier for families to manage their interactions with the school but also allows the academy to provide a more personalized and efficient expereince.

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