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5 of the Best High School Websites of 2019
Anthony Mitchell

Over the past five years, we’ve seen high school web designs change from what was once a glorified bulletin board where admins could copy and paste lunch menus and prom dates to become a crucial marketing tool for schools and districts. After all, it’s the first impression made on a prospective family and a window into your district’s brand.

Nailing that first impression drives enrollment too — which of course, drives your budget. Nowadays half of parents are exercising school choice; they’re more inclined to make real estate decisions factoring in neighboring districts than leave their child's education to chance.

In short, there’s a lot at stake with your website. Specifically, in the world of public schools, that doesn’t just mean your district homepage. It also means the individual school sites for your elementary, middle, and high schools need to tell the unique story of the education and opportunities available. Public high schools, in particular, are stepping up to improve the way they market the content families care about, such as academics, athletics, and college counseling.

The following five high schools have been able to distance themselves from the competition with award-winning websites. While each of these websites is different, they all possess a few key design elements, including:

  • A truly mobile-first design, one able to keep its potency on any device a visitor may use to access it.
  • Purposeful content that communicates a school’s brand and speaks to its target audience
  • Creative navigation patterns which lead a visitor to the most vital information first and let the school communicate a high amount of valuable info without feeling cumbersome.

In addition to these design elements, great high school websites:

  • Have their own unique branding identity
  • Offer a similar or identical navigation experience to their district homepage and other schools within the district
  • Are equipped with their own unique content

With the above in mind, here are some of the five best high school sites of 2019:

5. Cary Grove High School

Cary Grove High School was one of five schools belonging to the Community High School District 155 in Crystal Lake, IL to take home for IAC award for best school website in 2019.

Their website is lean and concise, making it easy for prospective families to find what they’re looking for in just a couple of clicks. By making use of sleek modules (such as Finalsite’s Calendar Manager, Posts, and Feeds) and rich infographics, they’re able to catch a parent up to speed on their district and tell its story before navigating to any subpages.

Some of the best aspects of this site include:

An embedded hero video that showcases the highlights of the high school’s campus, athletics, and day-to-day life:

cary grove high school embedded video header

The “Our School by the Numbers” infographic tells the high school’s story in a way that’s quick and digestible:

cary grove high school by the numbers infographic

Regularly updated social feeds which capture a slice of life for curious parents and improve school to home communications:

cary grove social media feeds

The accessibility toolbar which allows equal access to content for all users and provides a certification to the high school that reassures prospective and current families that accessibility and equity matter to them:

cary high school audioeye certification

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4. Booker T. Washington High School

Booker T. Washington High School is one of Tulsa Public School’s nine high schools to take home gold from the MarCom awards. The website is an ideal balance between eye-catching content that shares the school’s story as well as important content that families need to know.

Some of their most effective aspects are:

A minimalist sticky navigation consisting of three key website pages allows a visitor to take action if and when a piece of the site piques their interest, all without bogging down the homepage:

booker t washington sticky navigation

The “explore our classroom” section uses a grid-style layout with imagery to draw in visitors to learn more:

booker t washington explore our classrooms website panel

Simple calls-to-action make it easy for website visitors to quickly find important content:

booker t washington call to action buttons

3. Wayzata High School

Wayzata High School features an aesthetically pleasing design that also makes important information easy to find — a feat not always easy in the public school world.

The space efficiency is particularly impressive as they’re able to share nine different visual calls-to-action with minimal scrolling which translates well to mobile users.

wayzata CTA grid layout

The high school’s efficient use of space is evident throughout the site, including in their clean mega-navigation, and even on interior pages with the use of accordions and tabs. Easy navigation increases website accessibility and allows for better user experience. 

wayzata accordions

Additional great features on their site include:

A strong and concise introductory statement “Excellence. For each and every student.” is quickly supported by a plethora of available information for prospective parents and a host of fast facts about the school itself to support the claim.

wayzata high school website header

The decision to take a two column approach when pairing social and calendar saves considerable space. Any content that does strike a user as important features interactive expandable menus, providing the necessary information without navigating away from the main page.

wayzata high school calndars

2. Divine Child High School

Let’s take a moment to look beyond district websites and into the private school realm for inspiration. Divine Child High School received recognition in the form of a gold W3 award for its website, and it is well-deserved!

An embedded video greets website visitors and showcases the beautiful parish campus. The high school’s excellent use of visuals means the text is minimal — keeping the homepage engaging and focused on selling the value of the school.

divine child high school video header

Like a public high school, Divine Child High School understands the importance of both marketing their school to prospective families, but also providing information that matters to current families. They do so by sharing a value proposition, recent news, the calendar, and calls-to-action to key pages on the homepage.

One notable component of their “news” section, in particular, is their use of branded graphics. This makes the homepage feel more cohesive.

divine child news thumbnails

Some features that make this site effective include:

The admissions page is historically where schools fall into the trap of long bricks of text full of forms and PDFs which can be quick to lose a parent’s interest. Divine Child mitigates this with a panel of clearly defined admissions steps, complete with appropriate links to additional content. For districts not worried about admissions, a similar layout would be helpful for re-enrollment or first-time families.

divine child high school admissions process page

For most high schools, athletics are a huge part of the culture — and Divine Child High School recognizes and embraces this with an athletics page that engages and informs families and athletes. The athletics section of their website features athletics news, schedules, rosters, and scores (all managed via Finalsite’s Athletics Manager) as well as videos and live tweets.

divine child athletics manager example

1. Spring Lake Park High School

Spring Lake Park High School's brand is all about its community and their site does a great job communicating this. They opted to have a site which visually focuses on individuals, using its people to draw in the viewer.  

spring lake park: who we are

Here are a couple of key elements that Spring Lake Park High school uses to humanize their school:

The district is fairly active on Facebook which is used to its advantage in social and news feeds. These content streams are thematically consistent because they focus on members of the community while they keep the landing page fresh.

spring lake park facebook feed on website

The use of community testimonial on a school site is not in and of itself groundbreaking, but few schools chose to make it the centerpiece of their designs. Rather than tucking away these stories into a subfolder, the school chose to display them on the front page in a way that is both visually appealing and compelling to prospective parents.

spring lake park - panther proud

Key Takeaway

High schools (both public and private!) are tasked with the job of keeping current families informed while attracting prospective families. This delicate balance isn’t always easy to achieve, but when done right, can lead to an award-winning design! Content management and social media integration are important to gain exposure to your high school, and having the most up-to-date information can enhance the user experience.

Wondering would it take for your school to make the list? Start with a free website audit today to see where your website can improve to better-sell the value of your district, too!

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Anthony graduated from The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU, and joined Finalsite’s business development team in 2018. Anthony is a broadcaster and storyteller by nature, working closely with public schools and charters across the country to help them uncover their story.

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