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Best Global School Websites of 2023: UK and International Schools
Debbie Eisenach

International schools face a unique set of considerations with their websites: diverse communities, cultural differences, different educational systems, global SEO strategies, regulatory compliance…the list goes on.

An impressive collection of UK and international school websites launched this year. Each site has its own brand, vision, and user experience, but with each site that went live, it was apparent that the best international websites had a few things in common:

  • High-Quality Images and Video: These websites typically showcase crisp, clear images and well-produced videos. This visual content helps to capture the essence of the school’s culture, facilities, and community.
  • Strong Content: Engaging, well-written content that speaks directly to the audience.
  • Amazing Design: Good design is key, and these websites often use white space effectively, helping make the content more readable and the navigation more intuitive.
  • Intuitive Navigation: These websites are easy to navigate, with a clear menu structure that allows visitors to find information quickly and easily. The user journey is well thought out, with logical pathways to guide visitors to the most important information.
  • Engaging and Compelling User Experience: All these elements come together to create an engaging and compelling user experience. The website not only looks good but also feels intuitive and easy to use, encouraging visitors to explore more and connect with the school.

These featured sites serve as inspiration as you continue to drive your website to be ever better, bolder, and more engaging. So, in no particular order, find YOUR inspiration below!

International school paris mockup

International School of Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, this international school stands out as the only one in France offering all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. The International School of Paris (ISP) beautifully integrates its unique identity, goals, and vision with the vibrant Parisian setting on its website. The site features captivating images and videos, showcasing the school's strong branding across its three distinct campuses.

What sets ISP apart is not just its academic excellence but also its deep connection with the city. A charming touch is the inclusion of the Eiffel Tower in the site's footer. The website does a remarkable job of reflecting this unique aspect of the ISP experience, capturing the essence of being part of a school that truly embodies the spirit of Paris. 

Nanjing homepage mockup

Nanjing International School

Nanjing International School, renowned for being the oldest international school in Nanjing and the first in China to offer the full IB Continuum, has a website that really catches your eye. Its use of striking orange hues and bold text immediately draws you in. Adding to the visual appeal is a dynamic video and the creative touch of paint daubs and brush strokes throughout the site, which adds an artistic flair.

The website doesn't just look good; it's also designed to inspire. You'll notice the word "imagine" popping up repeatedly, encouraging visitors to envision the possibilities and opportunities the school offers. The calls to action (CTAs) are engaging, and the photographs of young students, brimming with excitement, are genuinely captivating. All these elements combine to create a website that's not only visually stunning but also effectively communicates the vibrant and creative spirit of Nanjing International School.

Nist school on laptop mockup

NIST International School

When one envisions Bangkok, it typically evokes images of a bustling metropolis with all the associated urban elements. NIST International School, home to 1770 students, takes a different approach with its new website, leading with the tagline "Creating an Oasis in the Heart of Bangkok." The essence of community, connection, learning, and service is vividly portrayed on the homepage through a combination of images and words.

The school's mission of nurturing inquisitive, lifelong learners and global citizens comes to life through an interactive scrolling homepage. Visitors are seamlessly guided to explore not only the academics but also the diverse range of programs both in and out of the classroom.

Designed for a community on the move, the website performs seamlessly on mobile devices and features a prominent search function, inviting users with the question, "What can we help you find?" For prospective families, the Admissions landing page is not only welcoming but also informative, showcasing a helpful team and providing insights into the application process. With 93 nationalities represented, and the school's central location highlighted in the Bangkok graphic on the homepage, NIST succeeds in creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed.

TAS on a laptop mockup

Taipei American School

Taipei American School, recognized as one of Asia's leading independent schools for students from PreK through Grade 12, offers a fantastic online experience through its website. The site is marked by consistent branding, engaging calls to action, updates on campus life, and seamless social media integration. 

TAS prides itself on providing an American-based education enriched with a joyful, global outlook. This ethos of joy and excellence is palpable throughout their website, particularly in how it highlights the development of student's character and values during their time at the school.

Whether you're browsing on mobile or desktop, the site's intuitive navigation, optimized visuals, and clear, bold text make for an impressive user experience.

The website also includes extensive, public-facing “zones” tailored for alumni, students, and parents, offering easy access to a wealth of useful resources. Nicely done!

Escola Concept mockup on a desktop

Escola Concept

Escola Concept stands as a lively and diverse community dedicated to unlocking the potential of students with its project-based learning approach. The school's ethos - driven by curiosity, endless possibilities, imagination, and enthusiasm — is brilliantly reflected in its website's design. 

Just as Escola Concept emphasizes project-based learning, their website invites visitors on an exploratory journey of learning. It does so through imaginative visuals and lively design elements, perfectly capturing the school's spirit of discovery and innovation. Beautiful!

Bangkok international website mockup on a laptop

International School Bangkok

International School Bangkok stands out as a top-tier international school in Thailand. The website for ISB is striking, with its warm reds and yellows creating a welcoming atmosphere against the backdrop of Bangkok's skyline. The site's design cleverly incorporates panthers, the school's mascot, which you can spot meandering through various panels and section dividers, finally coming to rest near the footer.

Each panel you pass reveals something new and exciting - from what sets ISB apart to details about its various school divisions, a glimpse into its rich history, engaging video testimonials, and a celebration of Panther Pride. The website doesn't just stop there; it offers a deep dive into the school's facilities, its International Baccalaureate program, and the vibrant school community. Each element is showcased in an intriguing and user-friendly web design — a truly unique and informative online experience.

New School Rome Mockup

The New School Rome

New School Rome, though only 50 years old, feels quite young compared to the ancient backdrop of Rome. Its website bursts with life, showcasing petals and flower illustrations as if they're springing right out of the screen. There's plenty to see and explore, especially in sections like NSR Stories and School Life, which offer a fresh, modern glimpse into this innovative school nestled in a historic city.

The website's design is strikingly dynamic, featuring angled images and vibrant green color blocks. It's visually exciting and even a bit playful. What's particularly impressive is how the school uses an image of the Colosseum as its logo. This clever design not only pays homage to their Roman roots but also serves as a familiar symbol for their primarily American international community. For a school as young as New School Rome, they've done an excellent job in weaving together elements of the ancient and the modern.

Leysin American website laptop mockup

Leysin American School

This Swiss boarding school, known for offering a U.S. High School Diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, boasts a website that mirrors the scenic beauty of its location at the base of the Alps. Leysin American School's site captures the thrill and adventure of studying in such an idyllic setting, complete with pages dedicated to student life, an interactive campus map, detailed information on summer programs, and an engaging timeline of the school's history.

Don't overlook the student life section, which showcases the active and diverse experiences available, from sports and travel to cultural immersion and leadership development. The site also features a user-friendly campus map, detailed descriptions of their summer programs, and a comprehensive history page, all of which paint a vivid picture of life at Leysin American School.

British Schools 

canford homepage mockup

Canford School

Canford School, with a history spanning over a hundred years and roots tracing back to the 11th century, presents a website that beautifully encapsulates its rich past. The homepage showcases this extensive history through a variety of content, including a full-panel hero video, expanding sections detailing the school's vision, mission, and values, an informative at-a-glance section, and numerous testimonials and quotes.

As you navigate the homepage, several design features stand out. Notably, there's an engaging drop-down menu that delves into what defines a "Canfordian," and a striking text-based animation that highlights a notable quote about the school's offerings.

Harrow International School Mockup

Harrow International School

As one of the UK’s most prestigious independent schools, Harrow International School in New York impresses with its modern, eye-catching design, featuring vibrant visuals that showcase the school's facilities and activities. The site's color scheme is both elegant and reflective of the school's brand, ensuring visual appeal without overwhelming the user. Navigation is a breeze thanks to a well-organized menu, leading to sections on academics, admissions, and school life, all laid out on a clean and user-friendly homepage. 

The content is a rich mix of text, images, and videos, offering informative insights into the school's programs and history. Interactive elements like a custom campus map and a historical timeline enhance the browsing experience, and the site's mobile responsiveness ensures a seamless experience across all devices. Overall, the website combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, providing a valuable resource for the school community and making for a highly positive user experience.

Prestfield website mockup on a desktop

Prestfelde School

Prestfelde's new website strikes a perfect balance of formality and modernity. As a distinguished co-educational prep school in the UK for children aged 3-13, it successfully blends a sense of tradition and honor with progressive and inspiring educational programs.

The homepage's hero section is a delightful showcase of images capturing moments of discovery, joy, and the authentic wonder of childhood. It warmly greets visitors with a simple welcome, followed by an inviting question: "Where will your journey start?"

The site offers plenty for visitors to discover, including detailed insights into the school's storied history and its academic offerings. Additionally, it provides comprehensive information on pastoral care and boarding options. Overall, the website does a fantastic job of reflecting the essence of Prestfelde School.

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