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19 Collaborative Marketing & Admissions Project Examples
Connor Gleason

Some things just work better together. Batman has Robin. Calvin has Hobbs. Peanut butter has jelly...When admissions and marketing departments collaborate, they can create powerful, cohesive admission campaigns and marketing strategies that attract and convert prospective students better than any office could by themselves.

This synergy leverages the unique strengths of both teams, blending the knowledge of student needs from admissions with the creativity and expertise of marketing. Think about it:

  • By working together, these departments can develop campaigns that are not only visually appealing, effective, and meaningful but also an admissions strategy that supports student enrollment.
  • Admissions can receive firsthand feedback from prospective families about what they're looking for in a school, their pain points, and the questions they frequently ask. Marketing can then use this information to create authentic messages that address these specific concerns.
  • Marketing teams can analyze data to determine where prospective students spend their time online, while admissions can offer insights into the types of platforms that have generated the most interest.
  • Admissions can track how prospective students respond to ads and provide feedback to marketing, who can then adjust the campaigns accordingly.
  • This blueprint for success includes regular joint meetings, shared goals and metrics, and an open line of communication to ensure that both departments are always aligned, because when admissions and marketing work together seamlessly, the result is a powerful force that can enhance your school's ability to attract and convert prospective students.

Feeling inspired yet? It's time to put this partnership into practice!

Projects to Elevate Your School's Enrollment and Marketing

1. Refresh your PPC ads.

Do prospective families even know you exist? Brainstorm what your future families are looking for, identify their pain points, and then get to work revamping the language and keywords of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

And if you’re not running PPC ads yet, consider getting started with targeted social media ads. Your ads should appear where your families spend their time—social media. Tap into your site’s analytics and re-engage website visitors by serving up an ad for your school!

2. Review your inquiry form.

Does your inquiry or application form create a streamlined enrollment experience for families? Does it integrate with your current system so you can develop workflows, personalize communications, and save everyone time? Make sure your inquiry page checks all the boxes, just like Green Vale School does with Finalsite Enrollment.

green vale school inquiry

3. Plan an open house event.

Plan an engaging open house event that will get prospective families on campus to see everything your school offers.

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4. Build a landing page for ads.

Build a mobile-friendly landing page for parents who engage with an ad. A value proposition, a few engaging visuals, and a short form can help capture new leads.

5. Overhaul your tuition and financial aid page.

Brainstorm how your pages can shift the conversation from “This is how much our school costs” to “This is how you can afford our school.” Sticker shock is real, so it’s essential to first discuss what makes your school special before you start listing facts and figures. Collaborate on ways to increase conversion rates on your tuition page.

Free ebook: The Enrollment Daily Planner

6. Host a virtual coffee.

Hold an informal virtual meet and greet for prospective families to log on and learn more about your school. Marketing can share ideas about spreading the word online and creating a compelling virtual admissions experience.

7. Build an automated workflow for inquiries.

A drip campaign for prospective families will help sustain their interest. Share what makes your school special with top ten lists, blog posts, and student and faculty profiles, and encourage them to visit the campus, learn more, or inquire. Your marcom office can help brainstorm what highlights to include.

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8. Optimize your admissions web pages.

Your admissions pages need to be inspiring, engaging, and ready for conversions. Are you using calls to action (CTAs) that speak to each visitor’s stage in the admissions process? Xavier High School's admission page offers so much: fast facts, testimonials, student videos, downloadable content, and opportunities to inquire, visit, or apply-nicely done!

xavier high school admissions page

9. Produce a video for admissions.

A well-produced video can inspire, excite, and entice a family to take the next step and inquire. Share what makes your school special and show, don’t tell!

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10. Plan a preview day.

Both offices can start organizing a day for younger grades to experience what future grades are like at your school. Sharing campus experiences and academic programs, as well as introducing faculty in upper grades to younger families, is a great parent retention strategy.

11. Introduce your admissions office.

Put a face to a name and introduce your admissions team on your website. Share their profiles, create a video welcome message, update their photos, add a personal touch, and build stronger connections with families.

12. Create a downloadable content offer.

Is your viewbook online like Suffield Academy's? Do you have a helpful guide to choosing the right private school or applying for financial aid? Offer downloadable content to families to help inform their decisions and their search for the best school (Hint: it’s yours!)

suffield academy viewbook screenshot

13. Revamp your automated email marketing and confirmation pages.

What is sent to families when they inquire or download content? Are you sending automated, personalized emails and communicating what happens next? Don’t waste an opportunity to build connections, increase conversions, and move the conversation forward.

14. Develop a parent ambassador program.

No one knows your school better than current families, so create a parent ambassador program to help share its value with prospective parents. A parent-led tour, a friendly email, or a follow-up phone call resonates differently than outreach from the admissions office.

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15. Engage summer camp registrants.

If your school offers a summer program, dive into this untapped pipeline of families already familiar with your school and introduce families to your academic programs, faculty, and campus experiences.

16. Review your site analytics.

Use important site data, such as page views, time spent on site, bounce rates, and conversions, to make informed decisions about your site's user experience. Your marcom team can help decipher which pages need improvement.

17. Build a webpage for accepted students.

Just because they’ve been accepted doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to enroll. At this critical stage in the enrollment process, create a personalized webpage that celebrates, communicates, and converts accepted families, just like how Blessed Trinity welcomes its new Titans.

blessed Trinity welcome page

18. Hold an accepted students day.

Celebrate their acceptance in person! Invite your accepted families back to campus for another look at your school and help boost acceptance rates. Extend an invitation to faculty, administration, and staff so everyone can participate in welcoming families.

19. Launch a retention committee.

It’s more cost-effective to keep a family than it is to find a new one. Work with your colleague to develop a retention committee: identify at-risk families and define what events, communications, and efforts you can make throughout the year to keep families enrolled and happy.

Key Takeaway

Your teammate is waiting just down the hall! With each idea, both offices should work together to develop the messaging, the timing, and the best methods for distribution. It’s an opportunity for all team members to determine what resources are needed, who’s involved, and what the metrics are for success.

New call-to-action

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Connor has spent the last decade within the field of marketing and communications, working with independent schools and colleges throughout New England. As Finalsite’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, Connor plans and executes marketing strategies and digital content across the web. A former photojournalist, he has a passion for digital media, storytelling, coffee, and creating content that connects.

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