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Coming Soon: The SchoolAdmin and Veracross Integration
Brandi Eppolito

Strong enrollment is the lifeblood of every school. That’s why today’s admission professionals are in a never-ending battle to simplify the admission process, build better relationships, find more mission-fit candidates, measure and analyze results, and ultimately ensure the sustainability of their school. 

SchoolAdmin helps over 700 schools drive exceptional results and meet their goals year after year. We’re excited to work with Veracross to offer a streamlined experience for schools using both platforms. Our upcoming API integration will make life easier for your entire team.

Here are a few details about the integration and what you can expect in the coming months.

Details About SchoolAdmin’s Veracross Integration

If your school uses both SchoolAdmin’s admissions platform and Veracross’s enrollment module, our new integration will be a key way to ensure your data is synced and up to date. The first version of our API integration will be one-directional, sending admissions data from SchoolAdmin to Veracross. 

The SchoolAdmin + Veracross integration will help your team: 

  • Reduce manual data imports

With the integration in place, you will no longer need to manually export or import data from SchoolAdmin in order to create applicant records or update records or contact info in Veracross, reducing tedious and labor-intensive tasks. 

  •  Save time

The ability to instantly send admissions contact records and details from SchoolAdmin to Veracross will give your whole team time back. Plus, families can begin the enrollment process without requiring anyone on your team to lift a finger. 

Using the SchoolAdmin and Veracross integration will help you create a more seamless process for your team and provide a better experience for your families. Our teams will continue to work hard to add features and increase functionality over time. Pilot schools will begin testing the integration in the fall. If you’re interested in being a pilot school, reach out and let us know! We look forward to collaborating with the Veracross team to help our schools thrive. 

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