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What to Write About If Your School's Boring (Hint: It’s Not)
Connor Gleason

Let’s face it, creating jaw-dropping content around education isn’t always … easy.

We’ve all heard that "content is king," but when tasked with writing about a topic that seemingly lacks the glam and glitter of the latest celebrity gossip, it's easy to feel like the well of inspiration has run dry.

For schools, the challenge is unique. Regularly publishing engaging and high-quality content is one of the most important factors in your school’s SEO strategy, so how do you craft relevant content around education — a topic that’s not always so exciting or enthralling?

Content Ideas for Your School’s Website

The secret? It's not about a shortage of topics but about perspective. There's always something to write about.

The key is in widening your lens, looking at the bigger picture, and connecting seemingly "mundane" topics to broader, more engaging ones that rank for what prospective families are looking for. This approach enhances your content's appeal AND boosts its rank in online searches.

Seeing the Broader Picture

Dive into the larger world of education. Is there a trending topic in pop culture, science, or technology that can be linked to classroom learning? Use those opportunities to craft compelling narratives.

Matching with Keywords and Search Terms

Discover what parents, students, or educators are searching for online. Incorporate these SEO keywords into your content to ensure your posts resonate and rank well.

Making Content Relatable to Parents

Always keep your primary audience in mind. Think of what matters most to parents.

  • Is it their child's safety online?
  • Their emotional well-being?
  • Their preparedness for the future?

Address these concerns and offer solutions, guidance, or a fresh perspective. Now, how do you bring it all back home?

This "shoulder niches" strategy involves creating content around keyword research and topics closely related to your niche that already have a buzz. For instance, parenting tips, social-emotional wellness, and the impact of social media on teens might seem outside your school's wheelhouse. But look a bit deeper, and the connections to your school become evident.

  • Do students take digital literacy classes? There's a link to safe online behavior.
  • Are there counseling sessions or mental well-being workshops? That ties back to social-emotional wellness.
  • What’s your robotics team up to? There’s your connection to STEM education.

Still feeling bored? In essence, no topic is "boring." It's all about finding the right angle, understanding your audience's needs, and weaving a narrative that intertwines your school's offerings with broader interests. 

SEO & Digital Advertising Fundamentals for Schools

Your school will surely have programs, activities, or resources that will engage your audience. Check out these school website content ideas based on popular topics and add them to your marketing strategy:

Parenting in the Digital Age

Talk about the challenges parents face with their kids' digital consumption and how your school's curriculum supports digital literacy.

  • The Tie-in: Share insights about how your school educates students on responsible digital use, perhaps even offering workshops for parents on digital safety.
South Ridge Community News screenshot

South Ridge’s programs are woven into its community blog. With stories on virtual reality in the classrooms, students designing new logos for the school, and smartphone safety tips for families, there’s a blend of content for everyone to find interesting.

Building Social-Emotional Resilience in Students

Discuss the importance of social-emotional learning and wellness in today's education.

  • The Tie-in: Highlight programs or courses the school offers to foster emotional intelligence and resilience in its students.

Wellness Beyond the Classroom: Encouraging Physical Health and Mindfulness

Discuss the importance of physical health, sports, meditation, and mindfulness in a student's life.

  • The Tie-in: Provide a glimpse into how your school integrates these concepts into daily activities, such as yoga sessions, sports programs, or meditation breaks, ensuring a holistic approach to student wellness.
Morristown Beard School community news

Morristown Beard School’s news and calendar section showcases students striving for achievement at school, in their communities, and beyond. It’s all there — stories about the World Language Department launching a new literary magazine, faculty participating in oceanography programs, and students participating in important Mental Health Awareness Month activities.

Helping Parents Help Their Kids

Offer actionable parenting tips for homework assistance, building a productive study environment, or managing screen time.

  • The Tie-in: Emphasize your school's resources for parents, such as tutoring services or online portals, to bridge the home-school learning gap.
CESJDS Parent Resource Center

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School has a host of resources for parents and drives home its idea of supporting families through its Parent Resource Center. It has recaps of presentations and webinars about supporting children’s social skills, navigating the unexpected with young children, and social-emotional learning.

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The Right Balance: Social Media for Teens

Explore the pros and cons of social media usage among teenagers.

  • The Tie-in: Describe how your school incorporates lessons on digital citizenship, ensuring students are aware of both the potential and pitfalls of social media.
Kent Hills Today screenshot

Kents Hill Today combines the latest school news with alumni updates, senior profiles, and ever-green topics, like “4 Tips to Get You Through College Apps,” which will rack up some Google searches while promoting the school’s resources for college-bound students.

Engaging Students in the Real World: Community Service and Beyond

Discuss the value of community service or extracurriculars in molding a well-rounded individual.

  • The Tie-in: Share stories or features of students who've significantly impacted the community, showcasing how your school's mission encourages such initiatives.

Mastering the Art of Study: Tips and Tricks for Effective Learning

Share insights on study techniques, time management, and cognitive strategies that can help students excel.

  • The Tie-in: Talk about how teachers at your school integrate these techniques into their lessons, ensuring students aren't just memorizing but truly understanding and applying their knowledge.

Nurturing Creativity: The Importance of Arts and World Culture in Education

Look into the role of arts, music, literature, and culture in cultivating creativity and a broader worldview among students.

  • The Tie-in: Showcase your school events, art fests, musical performances, and reading clubs that emphasize your commitment to fostering creativity and appreciation for arts and world culture.
Meadowridge Alumni Travel blog

Meadowridge features a globe-trotting alum blog post with travel tips, and guess what? It ranks on Google! With a connection back to the school and an alum talking about his experiences on campus, Meadowridge is connecting its programs and school initiatives with relevant SEO keywords and spreading awareness.

The Future of Careers: Preparing Students for Tomorrow

Examine the evolving job market, emphasizing careers in technology, green energy, and other burgeoning sectors.

  • ​​​​​The Tie-in: Highlight how your school's curriculum, college counseling programs, workshops, and career days introduce students to these future professions and equip them with the requisite skills.

Key Takeaway

Remember to research what your target audience is searching for. Think outside the box and start brainstorming general areas of interest that directly tie back to your school's contributions, initiatives, or ethos. Stay creative!

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