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55 Creative Titles and Tips for a Better School Blog
Connor Gleason

When it comes to the “perfect” title for your school’s blog, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, unfortunately. It can be frustrating when you’ve poured so much time and energy into writing a blog, only to have everyone skip over your amazing content. (Trust me...)

Even with the assistance of ChatGPT, that can be a tricky recipe to whip up quickly, regularly, and in a compelling way that connects with your communities and authentically captures your school or district.

But to earn that click from readers, you need an enticing title. And the titles that get the most clicks can vary greatly depending on the topic, audience, and many other factors, like character length, the number of words, and of course, what it’s all about.

Blogs can cover pretty much anything — school life, student achievements, thought leadership — but in terms of getting families into your admissions funnel, they’re meant to answer people’s questions in the early stages of their research, without directly promoting your school.

A great headline usually falls into one of a few categories:

  • How to’s
  • Problem-solving
  • Best of X
  • Why X
  • X reasons

The goal is to capture a user's attention, get them on your school’s website, and keep them engaged with your content. They’re designed to showcase your school or district and everything it has to offer to families. Take a look at this:

Meadowridge Voice blog screenshot

Meadowridge School’s blog, “Meadowridge Voices,” features articles about a student building a jet engine, alumni “where are they now?” profiles, and 11 questions with the school chef — it’s a wonderful blend of topics that catch our interest, but also showcase important elements of school life and student success — and that's important to attract prospective students.

sycamore community school district news page

Sycamore Community School District 427 combines news, blogs, and messages from its superintendent within its "Our Stories" page. It's a nice mix of voices and district-wide updates, all built with the Finalsite Posts module.

Tips for writing school blog titles

  • Make it clear and concise: A title that’s too long or unclear may discourage people from clicking on your blog. Aim for a title that’s around 65 characters long, to the point, and accurately reflects the content of your blog.
  • Use strong keywords: Including relevant keywords in your title can help your blog rank higher in search engine results and increase visibility.
  • Ask a question: Titles that pose a question can be attention-grabbing and encourage users to click to find the answer.
  • Offer a solution or benefit: Titles that promise to solve a problem or offer a benefit can also be effective in getting clicks.
  • Make it intriguing: A title that piques people's curiosity or makes them want to know more can be effective.

What’s truly important though is the titles of your blogs should be geared toward improving your school’s search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, blog titles should include the keywords that families are searching for and that's why they're a critical part of your school's content marketing strategy.

A creative blog provides solutions for common questions and entertains your users. And there’s nothing wrong with that format — but after you’ve written so much, that familiar format can feel a little stale.

And let’s face it, when competing with all the content on the web, the subject matter within education can often be a little…dry.

It’s time to spice it up with creative titles for school blog posts that capture a reader's attention.

Creative school blog post titles

  1. Inspiring Minds: Stories from the Classroom
  2. 3 Lessons Learned From X
  3. The Future is Bright: Student Success Stories
  4. Making a Difference: Teacher Innovations
  5. The Power of Education: Changing Lives
  6. Discovering Potential: Student Achievements
  7. Empowering the Next Generation: School Initiatives
  8. Beyond the Classroom: Student Activities and Clubs
  9. Edu-tainment: Fun and Engaging Lessons
  10. The Learning Journey: A Student's Perspective
  1. Teaching with Purpose: Inspiring Lessons
  2. Education for the Future: Preparing Students for Life After Graduation
  3. Investing in Your Child's Future: Why Private School is Worth It
  4. Minds in Motion: Inspiring Student Projects and Presentations
  5. Cultivating Creativity: Encouraging Imagination in the Classroom
  6. Learning Outside the Box: Alternative Education Methods
  7. A World of Possibilities: Study Abroad and Global Opportunities
  8. Exploring Interests: Career and Technical Education
  9. The Art of Education: Integrating the Arts in the Classroom
  1. Leadership in Action: Student Government and Community Involvement
  2. Empowering Learners: Personalized and Student-Centered Education
  3. Growing Great Minds: Early Childhood Education
  4. Building Strong Foundations: Essential Skills for Success
  5. Innovative Technology: Enhancing the Learning Experience
  6. Succeeding Together: Collaborative Learning and Group Work
  7. Mind over Matter: Mental Health and Well-being in Education
  8. Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Challenges in the Classroom
  9. Personalized Learning: The Advantage of Small Class Sizes in Private Schools
  10. The Future is Now: Preparing Students for Emerging Careers
  1. Nourishing Young Minds: Nutrition and Health in Schools
  2. Creating Connections: Community Outreach and Service Learning
  3. Excelling Beyond Expectations: The Power of a Private School Education
  4. Smaller Classes, Bigger Opportunities: The Benefits of Private Schools
  5. Cultivating Critical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  6. Supporting the Whole Child: Social and Emotional Development in Schools
  7. Inspiring Curiosity: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education
  8. Beyond the Books: Extracurricular Activities and Athletics
  9. Making a Mark: Celebrating Student and School Accomplishments
  10. Fostering Independence: Self-Directed Learning and Student Agency
  1. Unlocking Potential: The Advantages of Private School Education
  2. The Edge of Excellence: Private School vs Public School
  3. Nurturing Talents: The Role of Private Schools in Developing Skills
  4. A World of Possibilities: The Benefits of a Diverse Private School Education
  5. Beyond the Classroom: The Extracurricular Opportunities at Private Schools
  6. Inclusion Matters: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Education
  7. Empowering Educators: Professional Development and Teacher Support
  8. The Path to Success: College and Career Readiness
  9. The Power of Play: The Importance of Recess and Play-Based Learning
  10. Champions of Change: Student-Led Activism and Social Justice
  11. Building Stronger Communities: Parent and Family Engagement
  12. Learning from Home: Remote and Distance Learning
  13. The Ultimate Guide on X topic
  14. Little Known Facts About X
  15. The Admissions Team Shares its Secrets
  16. Meet Your Future: The College Counseling Office
Fords in Four blog screenshot

“The Big Room Blog,” an engaging collection of stories from the all-boys Haverford School, has a bold design. It's “Fords in Four” series features a Haverford School alumnus being asked four questions about his time at the school.

The brief intro is just interesting enough to stir up some interest and get us to read about his life beyond —it’s also a great way for the school to reconnect with its alumni base and share their success from life after graduation.

Key takeaway

Writing a blog is an essential part of your school or district’s inbound marketing and communications strategy, and it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. With a creative title that follows blogging best practices, it will make all your hard work worthwhile.

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Connor has spent the last decade within the field of marketing and communications, working with independent schools and colleges throughout New England. As Finalsite’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, Connor plans and executes marketing strategies and digital content across the web. A former photojournalist, he has a passion for digital media, storytelling, coffee, and creating content that connects.

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