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Honoring Diversity, Enacting Change, and Acting with Intention
Nate Little

Dear friends and colleagues-

When I co-founded SchoolAdmin a decade ago, I set out to create an inclusive and diverse company with the mission of changing lives through education. Philosophically, we are all of these things. With open arms we welcome people of all ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Hate and discrimination have never been welcome within our walls. 

Recently, though, it’s become increasingly clear that just living within our values is not nearly enough. To enact change, we have to be proactive and act with intention. So rather than making a quick statement, over the past few weeks, we have taken the time to hold up the mirror and build an action plan. This is an early part of what we expect to be a long and meaningful journey.

Here are the immediate steps we’re taking to ensure that our values continue to be reflected in our words and deeds:

1. Overhauling Our Recruitment Process and Hiring Practices

First, while our door has always been open to everyone, not everyone can easily find that door. That needs to change. The reality is that a passive hiring process contributes to the problem, so we are going to launch a more purposeful, proactive, and systematic approach to recruiting to ensure that we always have a diverse pool of candidates for future job openings. 

2. Covering the Cost of SchoolAdmin for Programs Focused on Underserved Populations

We deeply believe in the transformative power of education. With this in mind, this year we’ll be covering the costs of annual contracts for SchoolAdmin for two schools or programs that focus on diverse and underserved populations and each year we hope to expand this program. This will allow those schools to redirect those funds to go directly to the students and families that so desperately need them.

3. Features to Help Schools Recruit More Diverse Candidates

Our mission is to change lives through education. We do this by creating tools to help private and independent K-12 schools recruit, enroll, and retain students. So many of the schools we serve are seeking ways to increase diversity amongst their own classes. With that in mind, we’ll be exploring potential new product features built specifically to help schools create an equitable application process and an inclusive student population.

4. Creation of Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

We realize this is just the beginning of the path toward creating a world of equality and inclusion. In order to keep the momentum going, we will be launching a Diversity & Inclusion committee within SchoolAdmin to deliberately foster and support communication and initiatives in perpetuity. 

Our work cannot and will not stop here. It is up to all of us to ensure that this “moment” becomes a movement. My door is always open if you’d like to continue the dialogue, or have ideas about how we can deepen our impact.


Nate Little

SchoolAdmin Founder and CEO 

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