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How School Admins Save Time with Finalsite and Magnus Health [Webinar Recap]
Stephanie Griffin

Finalsite and Magnus Health work together to help schools save time and effort when collecting student health information. Last week, Kerri Wade, Marketing Analyst at Magnus Health, alongside Nicole Cartwright, Account Executive at Magnus Health, Anneka Ward, Nurse at The Calhoun School and Rob Rawcliffe, Client Success Manager at Finalsite, discussed how this integration is helping many schools and parents today.

Magnus Health Website on iPhone

Magnus Health is the most innovative way for schools to collect, track, and manage student health information. Founded in 2006, Magnus Health is the leading provider of web based student health records and is designed specifically for use in schools. They currently have over a thousand programs nationwide offered to all kinds of schools, from small, private k-12 to large public universities.

Magnus Health's goal is to help schools spend more of their time and efforts caring for students than wasting time and money on collections and paperwork. Magnus Health solves many problems for school health administrators — one in particular is collecting student health information.

Some common issues schools face when collecting student health information include:

Laborious form collection process: Schools spend too much time trying to collect all necessary information at once. Sometimes they don't have information when they need it and have to spend time searching for the answers.

Parent communications and compliance: There tends to be a lack in communication between schools and parents; student information is not as accessible.

Secure and mobile access to critical information: This information is sensitive and needs to be secured or it could get in the wrong hands.

Liability: Caring for a student's health should be taken very seriously and cautiously to avoid any problems.

So why are schools still faced with issues handling their student's health information? Many of them still use the traditional paper method more often than not when collecting and saving this information. However, this is where schools are wasting the most time. The more paper that is collected, the more time that is taken out of the nurse or administrator's day caring for students. Some statistics to back this up include:

  • 50% of schools are still collecting paper
  • 31.2% of schools are using electronic medical record software
  • 14.5% of schools use a database of spreadsheet
  • 3% of schools use a log book
  • 1.3% of schools do not collect records at all

Magnus Health even noted that close to a third of school nurse's time is spent with administrative tasks — like copying and scanning forms, and spending time tracking down forms if there is information missing on the student's record. Even Athletics departments face this task when managing student athlete information.

The issues don't stop at the school, though. Many parents face issues when handling their student health paper forms year after year. For example, there's more of a chance of these forms being submitted late or incomplete if the parent has a question about a specific requirement on the form and cannot get in touch with someone at the school, especially in time for the first day of school when only 60% of schools have more than 80% parent compliance with form submission.

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Best Practices for Form Collection To Benefit Both Schools and Parents

In today's digital age, having an online solution to help collect and manage student health information is the best way to go for both schools and parents. Some best practices Magnus Health offers to help schools collect forms and information include:

  • Collecting, viewing and managing student information on an individual basis
  • Easy communication across departments and with parents
  • Streamlined form collection process for parents
  • Well-organized, easily accessible information
  • Ability to share critical data
  • Mobile access in case of an emergency

According to Magnus Health, schools are able to eliminate 120 hours of administrative paperwork every year using an SHR, also known as a student health record (that's three full work weeks!). SHRs help by offering:

  • Electronic form completion & submission
  • Reporting abilities
  • Review and verify forms all online
  • Easy access to forms and information

For parents, this process is streamlined to make their lives easier as well and can help improve parent compliance. They are able to make updates to forms and information at any time and follow conditional questions that will help them complete this information.

Finally, mobile access is key for both schools and parents to help during an emergency. It not only will automatically send notifications to parents and hospitals instantly, but chaperones will have access to only specific information necessary during trips without giving away too much information (including allergies, medications, and emergency contacts). For those who don't want to rely on the mobile app, it offers an easy PDF snapshot of the child's information that can be saved as a screenshot or printed out for use later on.

Magnus Health is able to bring student health forms online, keep them organized through a cloud-based portal, and offer the tools to be able to easily share with parents, update as needed, note required fields, and share information across other departments as needed.

Finalsite + Magnus Health Case Study: The Calhoun School

Anneka Ward, nurse at The Calhoun School, oversees all medical files for the school's students as well as works with students on a day-to-day basis. She noted the school has been using Magnus Health since 2012, around the time she started with the school, so it's a software she's grown very comfortable with using. As the only nurse for the school, she finds the software helpful especially for efficiency and keeping track of data, as well as acts as another great tool to best inform teachers and student support services about student's health information.

The Calhoun School has done a great job keeping parents involved with using Magnus Health's software to encourage parents to upload information year after year. Specifically on their website this past June, they released a news article with important deadlines parents needed to know to submit medical forms for the current school year.

Calhoun School's News Archive

The Calhoun School also made an effort to announce the new mobile features Magnus Health released in September 2016 on its website to keep parents just as informed of the new updates.

The school has been integrating Finalsite with Magnus Health since 2014 and it has made a difference in the lives for parents. The parents love it especially as it's easy to update information right in the software, which also updates in their Finalsite Constituent Manager.

Save Time with Finalsite and Magnus Health's SSO and Integration

Finalsite's SSO (Single Sign On) integrates with Magnus Health, meaning constituents can log into their Magnus Health Portal directly from their Finalsite Portal, without needing to enter another username and password — saving them time, improving the user experience, and increasing the likelihood that they actually keep their records up to date.

Interested in learning more about how the two systems integrate? Request a demo.

Finalsite + Magnus Health Solution


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