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Page to Post: Ideas for Sharing School Blogs on Social Media
Hailey Smith

Repurposing your school's blogs as social media posts is a fantastic way to extend their shelf life, create fresh content, and deliver your ideas to new audiences who might’ve missed the post the first time.

There are many creative ideas for sharing your blog post on social media: you could use impactful quotes, create text-only posts, or design engaging infographics. This approach is a huge time saver compared to creating entirely new content, and it maintains your brand's messaging and identity across various channels.

The social media world is your oyster—which can be a little intimidating—so let’s chat about a few different ways you can repurpose your blogs into fun social content.

Direct Quotes as Teasers

Is there a thought-provoking question in your blog? Use it as a social media hook! Sharing quotes from your blog – whether it was something you wrote or a quote from a teacher, student, or parent – is an easy yet effective way to turn blog content into social posts.

Quotes are great for sharing on social platforms because they’re easily digestible and give a glimpse into your entire blog post.

A “post-worthy” quote should educate or inspire your target audience or promote your school. If you post quotes frequently, make sure your social media plan doesn't consist solely of promotional or educational posts—aim for a strong mix of engaging content.

Thayer Academy Womens history month

Thayer Academy used a student quote to celebrate Women’s History Month. This is a great way to elevate the copy of your posts and create a more impactful content strategy. You can also utilize design tools like Canva to create a template for blog quotes. Just make sure that the quote uses your school's branding and is visually appealing.

Minneapolis Public Schools instagram with quotes

Minneapolis Public Schools saves time by using a template for quotes, making their posts easily recognizable when their audience sees them in their feed.

Graphic Carousels On Instagram

Did you know that including an image boosts information retention to 65%, compared to a mere 10% without one? Image-based content is a popular choice on social media platforms, and you can leverage the power of graphics by developing a series of branded infographics.

On Instagram, you can boost engagement by sharing multiple images within a single post, known as a carousel, which is highly shareable and savable — a great plan for schools.

What Should Be On Your Graphics?

Try creating a title graphic featuring your school blog's name, followed by individual graphics in the carousel, each representing a subsection of your blog. Avoid overloading the graphic with too much text; use just enough to convey your message effectively.

Spice it up with fun images, but make sure to use legible text and colors and always adhere to your brand and your school's social media guidelines.

Uprep graphics mockup with quotes

UPrep did a great job of turning this blog into a social post by incorporating direct quotes and an image of the speaker into the carousel's graphics.

Use Pins for Evergreen Content

If your blog post includes broad themes or evergreen content, pin it to the top of your social channels. Instagram and Pinterest are powerful platforms for driving long-term traffic to your blog, especially for topics that remain relevant over time.

Short Form Video Content

Videos are a fun and engaging way to repurpose your blogs – especially with how popular Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikToks have become.

First, you need to create a script, which should be different depending on your social media channel. A quick and easy way to do this is to identify the main points throughout your blog and make a thirty-second video script.

Record yourself or a colleague reading the script and upload the video into your favorite editing software—personally, I like CapCut. Eliminate errors, add b-roll, captions, and some background music, and you’re ready to upload to your favorite social platforms (short-form videos perform best on Instagram and TikTok).

Loomis Chaffee Instagram

If you don’t want to record yourself, consider trying a video series like Loomis Chaffee’s “Reasons to Say Yes to Loomis,” in which they use videos and photos from around their campus to share their message. Or you can always recruit students to speak, like Detroit Country Day in their recent Reel.

mockup of detroit country day school Reel

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are shared more often than other posts and are usually more casual and fun. They're a great type of content to promote new blogs with because you can link directly to the blog—the only content on Instagram where you can directly use links.

Before you launch a new blog post and start creating content, ask your followers a question about the new blog on your Instagram story or tease the blog by sharing the headline. When the blog is released, make sure to share the link with a strong hook and image!

Engage with Hashtags and Communities

Share your blog post in relevant social media groups or communities and use popular, relevant hashtags to increase its visibility. Engaging with these communities can help you reach a broader audience interested in your content.

With this strategy, you can break down your blog post into several key points and create a series of posts to share over a week or month, keeping your audience coming back for more.

South Ridge School instagram post

With that same strategy in mind, you can cross-promote your school's blog content with branded hashtags across other social media accounts, like how South Ridge School has done with its South Ridge Voices hashtag.

Key Takeaways

In an age when people always want more and more content, you need to find ways to work smarter, not harder. Repurposing blogs is a great way to extend the reach of your content while maintaining brand identity. There’s a ton of great ways to reuse your blogs on social media, so get creative and start sharing!

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