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[PODCAST] How Clear Marketing and Branding Can Increase School Applications and Online Presence
Andrew Martin

In this episode of Apply Yourself, Tim sits down with Jennie Winton, Co-Founder of Mission Minded, to discuss:

  • The differences between marketing and branding 

  • The importance of school marketing and branding

  • How schools can cut through the typical school marketing jargon 

  • Why paying attention to what the competition is doing is so important 

  • How schools can only really successfully market themselves once they understand what makes their brand unique.

Mission Minded works exclusively with nonprofits and independent schools to help clarify marketing and branding to better communicate what makes each nonprofit and independent school unique with the goal of attracting new students and families.

Watch the podcast via the video player:


Or, listen to the podcast via the Libsyn player:


More about Jennie Winton:

Jennie Winton, co-founder of Mission Minded

Jennie co-founded Mission Minded in 2002. Her work has created hundreds of powerful brands for nonprofits nationwide. Jennie works passionately to help nonprofit leaders clarify how they talk about their work, creating greater organizational vitality and stability, revenues, and expanded ability to deliver on the mission.

Before co-founding Mission Minded, Jennie was Chief Marketing Officer for the American Red Cross Bay Area chapter. She was also an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Business and Professional Studies at the University of San Francisco and Marin County CASA volunteer. Jennie is currently a member of Development Executives Roundtable, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and Annual Fund and Admissions Committees at Marin Country Day School.

Read more about Jennie on her Linkedin page

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