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School District Website Inspiration: June 2024
Connor Gleason

This June, many districts around the country unveiled beautiful new website designs and took an important step to better represent and market themselves to their surrounding communities.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of another busy school year, so let’s take a closer look at these user-friendly, visually stunning, and engaging websites.

Here’s our June roundup of inspiring school district website designs from Finalsite!

on a desktop mockup

Bibb County School District

The Bibb County School District's new website starts with inspiring taglines that set a positive and welcoming tone. For those on mobile devices, the site features mobile-friendly icons that link to top resources, making navigation easy for first-time users looking to browse or returning users looking for popular links.

The homepage displays the latest headlines from across the district and provides information on career opportunities and what the region offers to families considering relocation to the area—nice touch!

The site also features social media feeds, bringing in the latest tweets and news from X, while the district’s colors are constant throughout the site with touches of yellow and black in the navigation menu, creating a cohesive and polished look.

central islip on a laptop

Central Islip School District

Central Islip School District, located in the heart of Long Island, New York, has launched a beautifully redesigned website. The district's new site features a host of improvements and enhancements that include:

  • Content and Design: The new website showcases clever use of layouts, Posts, and other Finalsite modules, making the content on every page engaging, accessible, and wonderfully consistent with its use of branded purples and yellows.
  • Event and Calendar Alerts: Users can now receive email and/or text message alerts for calendar changes, specific event updates, and cancellations, which is an especially helpful feature for all athletic teams' schedules. Users can even sign up for email or text alerts for updates on the news page and receive notifications whenever the Superintendent posts a new message.
  • Search Functionality: The new search feature provides nearly instant results, covering every page, event, story, policy, and accessible resource on the site. A new A-Z page offers a complete alphabetical listing of the website's contents, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need.
  • News and Social Media Integration: The website includes news updates and custom social media integration, conveniently accessed through a tab on the homepage to keep visitors informed about district happenings.
  • Branding and Logo: As part of the website redesign, even the district's logo and Musketeer mascot got an upgrade—congrats on the beautiful site!
Wylie ISD on a desktop mockup

Wylie Independent School District

The Wylie Independent School District's new website is vibrant and full of character. Here are some key features:

  • Hero Area: The site opens with dynamic visuals in the hero area, showcasing a lot of energy and character. Followed closely are overlaid taglines and a warm welcome message that greet visitors to the district's site.
  • By the Numbers: This section presents impressive statistics about SAT scores, AP classes, and other key facts and figures about the district.
  • Testimonials: Community members, students, and staff share testimonials highlighting what makes the district special.
  • Quicklinks: At the bottom of the page, quick links provide easy access to information about enrollment, employment, and school resources.
  • Vibrant Colors: The site uses a host of vibrant colors, including branded oranges, bright greens, blues, and purples, giving it a lively and appealing look you don’t see often. Wonderfully done!
Fargo on a desktop mockup

Fargo Public Schools

Fargo Public Schools recently launched its new district website, which is full of vibrant colors that add a level of engaging imagery and excitement. The latest news is featured prominently on the homepage, ensuring visitors can quickly see important updates. 

Additionally, there are mobile-friendly icons that make it easy for students and families to navigate different portals and resources. Overall, the use of engaging visuals brings a lot of energy and excitement to the site. Congrats on the launch!

Walton on a laptop mockup

Walton County School District

The Walton County School District's new website is now live! Designed to be both informative and visually appealing, here are some of its standout features:

  • Homepage: The homepage is short and sweet, providing a strong representation of what the district offers prospective and new families. The site opens with a hero area featuring a slideshow and videos, with a subtle fade effect that brings these resources to life.
  • Highlights and Hashtags: This section combines social media posts and news stories from around the district, creating an engaging and dynamic feed.
  • Fast Facts: A section presenting key statistics and figures that highlight the strengths and unique aspects of WCSD, as well as answers to #WhyWalton.
  • Branding: The site features subtle design elements in the background, with branded blues and grays to differentiate various types of content.
Green bay area on a laptop mockup

Green Bay School District

The Green Bay Area Public School District excitedly unveiled its new district and school websites in June. The district website conveniently houses common district-wide information, such as grading scales, athletic/activity forms, and enrollment information, while individual school websites focus on school-specific details like bell schedules, newsletters, activities, and athletics.

The website is full of energy and playful colors, featuring dynamic videos that highlight athletics, classroom activities, strategic initiatives, and district-wide celebrations. The news panel covers the latest updates and important district events, complemented by a mobile-friendly calendar.

Its branding is consistent and appealing, with the district's leaf and tree motifs and pops of blue, purple, and green that give the site a playful feel.

Visitors won’t get turned around either, as they’re assisted by an AI chatbot ("How can we help?") and the search feature at the top of the screen to find information. An engaging section shares standout stories from around the district, like graduation recaps, student achievements, and open house events, while custom social media integration pulls in the latest posts from Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

grant community on a mobile mockup

Grant Community High School District 124

Grant Community High School District 124 has launched a “mobile-first” website with intuitive navigation, vibrant design elements, and a strong focus on school spirit and athletics. Here are some highlights:

  • Mobile-First Approach: The website is designed with a mobile-first approach, featuring mobile-friendly icons for easy navigation. The collapsible navigation menu and easily accessible resources make browsing on a mobile device extremely convenient.
  • Color Scheme: The site features vibrant reds throughout, visible in the top and bottom navigation bars, giving it a bold and energetic look.
  • Athletics and Involvement: There's a big emphasis on athletics and opportunities for students to get involved to support the school spirit.
  • Calendar of Events: A user-friendly calendar of events helps keep students and families informed about upcoming activities and important dates.
  • Social Media Integration: The site offers various ways to stay connected with the district through social media, ensuring that the community can stay up-to-date with the latest news and events.
appleton on a laptop mockup

Appleton Area School District 

The Appleton Area School District is thrilled to unveil its fresh, modern site designed with the community in mind! The sleek, user-friendly, and visually appealing design offers a better browsing experience, while the improved, intuitive layout helps users find what they need even faster. Here are just some of the exciting updates:

  • Expanded Languages: The website is now available in multiple languages to better serve its diverse community.

The homepage has a unique organization and structure, featuring:

  • Hero Area: A slideshow in the hero area showcases important updates and events.
  • Quicklinks: Circular icons below and on the right side of the homepage act as quick links to department pages and resources for students and new families.
  • The site maintains consistent branding with illustrations accompanying the news and events section.

That’s not all! A post grid highlights student success, community partnerships, and the district's culture, which focuses on success for every student every day.

kaukauna on a laptop mockup

Kaukauna Area School District

The Kaukauna Area School District is excited to introduce its new website, featuring several enhancements designed to improve the user experience. Don’t miss some key features, including:

  • Modern Design: The site boasts a fresh, clean look with stunning videos and photos that showcase the offerings of the district.
  • Enhanced Navigation: The site architecture and menus have been restructured for a more intuitive browsing experience. An enhanced search menu provides links to the most popular searches and most-used pages, ensuring easy access to essential information.
  • Dedicated Menus for Families, Students, and Staff: These one-stop-shop menus offer quick access to resources frequently used by the community.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The site offers a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices with a cleaner and more accessible interface.

Congrats on the launch!

ardsley mockup on laptop

Ardsley School District

The Ardsley School District is excited to launch its new website, designed to enhance user experience and better serve families. Here are some standout features you don’t want to overlook:

  • Hero Area: The site opens with a vibrant video montage showcasing various activities throughout the district, from high school football games to elementary classroom activities, all representing the district's energy and community spirit.
  • Mission and News: The district's homepage prominently features its mission and the latest news and events from the different schools, keeping its community informed and engaged.
  • Values and Mission: Dedicated sections emphasize the district's commitment to college and career preparation, student-centered spaces, health and wellness, and parent resources.
  • Find It Fast: A detailed "Find It Fast" section allows users to search by keywords, providing quick access to important information. Quicklinks to schools throughout the district and popular searches also support users looking for resources.
bellevue laptop mockup

Bellevue School District

Bellevue School District is now live with its stunning new website that includes the main district site and over 30 individual school sites. Here are some key features and enhancements that were brought to life with the Bellevue team and the assistance of Finalsite Advantage:

  • Homepage Design: The homepage features a sleek design with a News, Social, and Calendar pop-out panel and stylized page pops, making it easy for users to stay updated and access important information.
  • PDF Conversions: The district has converted its policy manual PDFs to posts (Hooray!), improving accessibility and usability for users.
  • Style Guide: A comprehensive style guide with district-specific branded touches ensures a consistent and visually appealing look across all sites.
  • User Support Videos: To help families find and access important resources and pages, the district launched a series of helpful user videos, adding a personal and supportive touch.
  • Commitment to accessibility and communication: Bellevue's new websites offer seamless integration with Weglot and AudioEye software, easily translating its content into multiple languages, respectively, creating an even more accessible experience for users.

Congratulations to all the school districts on their inspiring new website redesigns!

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