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School District Website Inspiration: May 2024
Connor Gleason

Public school districts around the country have been hard at work redesigning and launching new websites, each more inspiring than the last. From coast to coast, a variety of districts revealed dozens of impressive new site designs with Finalsite this May.

Let’s explore the user experiences, site design aesthetics, and engaging content. Here’s May’s collection of standout public school district website designs from Finalsite!

Fabens District site on laptop mockup

Fabens Independent School District

Fabens Independent School District's new website opens with an impressive flyover video, creating a welcoming first impression. The homepage prominently features large, branded text that highlights the district's mission and vision of creating a positive and lasting impact.

Sticky navigation on the left-hand side of the page makes it easy to access important resources like district emails, the staff login, employee services, and employment information, while the homepage is filled with news and events from across the district.

The layout consistency between the district site and the individual sites will also help users find information quickly and easily. Nice job—It's exciting to see the positive impact this site will have on the community!

allentown website on desktop mockup

Allentown School District

Allentown School District's new website makes excellent use of branded colors, with blues and greens featured prominently in call-to-action (CTA) buttons, content blocks, and four-panel design elements.

The homepage greets families with a warm message from the superintendent and features a news section highlighting the latest happenings around the district, keeping the community informed and engaged. Upcoming events are also there, ensuring everyone is aware of important dates and activities.

The website is mobile-friendly with icons that put the most requested resources front and center, like the parent portal, lunch menus, and enrollment information. Smaller design touches, like squiggly lines underlining the navigation, add a playful and dynamic feel.

Social media integration pulls the latest content from Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook, keeping the community engaged with real-time updates.

Additionally, the site features a detailed careers page with current job openings and ways to contact the human resources office. The website is packed with information for families and students interested in joining the district. There are detailed sections on enrollment processes, district contact information, and other essential resources with information about various programs and services available to students.

Waterford Union High School on laptop mockup

Waterford Union High School District

Having recently launched its district site, Waterford is now setting its school sites live, and they're just as impressive.

The individual school websites maintain a consistent look and feel with the district site, ensuring a unified branding experience with similar layouts, navigational structures, and typography. Consistent types of imagery and design elements help unite the individual schools under the main umbrella of the district brand.

The sites are mobile-friendly, with icons that provide easy access to popular links and resources, ensuring a smooth browsing experience on any device. Each school website features a "Find It Fast" function, allowing users to quickly search for keywords and find important information.

Still, while each site shares common elements with the district site, it also has its own distinctive character, giving each school its own personality while maintaining a cohesive overall experience.

Intermediate School District desktop mockup

Intermediate District 287

Intermediate District 287's new school website captures the district’s mission to support students in their journey to thrive both in school and in life. The homepage features a hero section filled with current news stories and highlighting important updates and events within the district.

Mobile-friendly icons ensure that important resources and information are just a click away, making the site easy to navigate on various devices. One-click translation services through Weglot allow users to translate the content into Spanish, enhancing engagement with a larger, more diverse community.

The website is rich with information about various programs and centers dedicated to supporting students and young adults. Extensive resources for specialized learning, tailored to meet the needs of every unique learner, are included in detailed sections on special education, career opportunities, member services, and other programs, ensuring they have the support they need to succeed.

mesa county mockup in laptop

Mesa Country Valley SD 51

Mesa County Valley School District 51's new website is designed to be as functional as it is visually appealing. With beautiful drone footage, compelling imagery, simplified navigation, and interactive icons, the websites provide an engaging and informative experience for all users. 

As one of the larger districts in Colorado, supporting over 20,000 students and 3,500 staff, the district's website effectively communicates its emphasis on community, strategic information, and showcasing its strengths and values.

The district site features a streamlined main navigation system, making it easy for users to access different schools within the district. Quick links provide easy access to essential information, ensuring that students, families, and staff can find what they need without hassle.

By minimizing text and relying on compelling images and design elements, the website ensures that the content is engaging and easy to digest on any device. Animated icons display impressive statistics about the district, such as the number of students, teachers, programs, and languages spoken, making it easy to understand key facts at a glance. Beautiful site!

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