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Simplify the Evaluation Process
Cassandra Breeding

At the beginning of the calendar year, schools get their review committees together to begin the evaluation process of their current application pool for the upcoming school year. This is an essential part of the admission process. But with so many students to review, you made need some help. Using an online reading and review tool in your school admission software can help facilitate the review process. With the extra help, your school can focus on the most important decisions, and not get bogged down trying to manage the process.

The review process requires committees to meet multiple times during the reading season to make decision recommendations for students. Some committees may have final say over the decisions that were made. For others, their input is taken into account by the head of the school when making the ultimate decisions.

No matter the process, the review committee has to weigh many factors beyond the quality of the candidate including, but not limited to, class balance, financial aid, scholarships, and legacy. It’s a difficult process, not to mention it has a very real impact on the lives of many families. It can be incredibly beneficial to use a tool to alleviate some of that burden.


Reduce Your Load

An online review module can streamline your admission process, and help your entire committee review students in their spare time. Some tools are web-based and even allow to you read and score in the comfort of your own home. Schools can combine all the information collected during the student’s application process into an easy-to-read package for readers to score and make notes and recommendations.



Additionally, an online reading and review process allows a school to eliminate the need to print everything out. No more folders, long meetings, or a series of post-it notes. Trust me, whoever has to sort, print, and stuff the previous folders will thank you for making a change.

Let’s break down what it would look like for your review committee if you moved to an online reading and review module within your school admission and enrollment software.


Review Everything Online



There are two primary phases of the review process, reading and committee decisions. While schools vary in who plays a role in these phases, and your school may differ from another in the timing of our scoring and review, everyone completes the review process. Some schools continuously read and score applications while others have a specific time frame when reading takes place. Either way, as an admission professional, you’re bound to be involved. One of your jobs may be to dictate what information to include in the review packet. For example, what forms or documents to include, or important notes that have been collected along the way.


An online review makes it easy for you to choose what information is included in your review packet. In other words, everything that used to go into clunky paper folders can now be stored and managed online in your school admission software. And as the admin, you can manage your readers, oversee which candidates have been reviewed, and kindly remind readers to finish reviewing their candidates.


Whether you have new readers each year, or an experienced professional managing the reading process, each participant will receive a list of assigned candidates to review with simple instructions. An online tool can create a list of all the prospective students who completed the application process. Then the reader can choose which candidates to begin with and start the reading process. Of course, they can make notes and comments about each page you need them to review. Once all the required documents are reviewed, they can easily score for each assigned student.


Simple Scoring



As mentioned above, with everything online, everyone can score online. No more waiting for the first reader to finish scoring a student before you start. Everyone involved in the scoring process can read and score candidates at any time.

Another perk about making the switch to online reading and review is the option to define the rating criteria and scale used to grade each candidate. All you have to do is choose the type of rating scale you want to use with numerical or text values.



In order to score, the reader will review all the provided documents and rate the candidate at the end. From there they can continue to the next candidate or go back to their original list.

evaluate and review students



Make Decisions Faster

Review committees meet frequently during the admission season. They are in charge of analyzing applicants and making recommendations or decisions on which students are accepted.

Each school varies on how often they meet to discuss students. When they meet they look at everything from academic and extra-curricular interests to a student’s character, or past test scores. Overall, this can be a very difficult and time-consuming process for both your team and your families.


With an online reading and review tool, you can make decisions faster and more efficiently. Why not make both your team and your families happy?

Make committee meetings more efficient by using a candidate summary view with options to filter, sort, and compare review data side-by-side as you build your incoming class. You can even collect every reader’s notes in one centralized spot to review students and determine who your incoming class will include. 



One huge benefit of using an online review tool is the ability to see candidate’s scores listed in one central place. You no longer need to organize manila folders or print hundreds of pages only for them to be lost somewhere along the evaluation process. Instead, all the information you need is available online.

After everyone has sorted through the applications, the notes and input from readers are collected into a summary list. This list will help facilitate committee meeting decision making. The committee can easily view the average scores of each student and determine their incoming class through informed decisions.

Ultimately, an online reading and review tool will help you advance the review process. An online review tool helps you focus on the important decisions, rather than getting hung up on completing the entire process with shared, easy to lose, paper folders. 


Easily communicate to all of your accepted students in bulk with personalized communications.

Things Your Online Review Tool Should Have: 

  1. Easy sync with your admissions and enrollment module
  2. Ability change your reading and review criteria for each year
  3. Capability to set parameters for new users
  4. Print options for those who want to conduct their reading on paper
  5. Accommodations and customization for schools with various levels of scoring 
  6. No charge for additional accounts for limited users/online readers




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