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Top 5 Most Popular Types of Video Marketing for Independent Schools
Jon Morgan, JM Films

Video marketing is a highly consumable, convenient and efficient way to communicate to prospective families and students.  As a matter of fact, in a research report Finalsite released in 2016, 50% of k-12 schools and 40% of boarding schools had 11 or more videos on their website for a variety of reasons. And while Finalsite has not taken a second look at the websites that were analyzed just over one year ago, based on the industry trends, we don't see that percentage decreasing anytime soon.

There are literally hundreds of statistics that back up the importance of video. For example, branded video content increased 258% on Facebook and by 99% on YouTube in 2017, with the number of views and total view time minutes increasing (source).

If you're looking to add video marketing to your suite of digital marketing collateral, in this article we will discuss the top five most common types of video marketing, and why you should consider using them to promote your private school. 

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1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are a modern way to tell the story behind your school. This type of video focuses on increasing brand awareness among viewers. The goal is to connect and engage with a prospective family about not only who your school is, but also what makes you different through telling a story. Brand videos can vary in length, but typically we recommend to stay within 2-2.5 minutes and are perfect for the home page of a school website or for social media.

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help educate prospective students and families on a specific offering or value proposition about your school. Explainer videos are effective because they allow you to go into a little more detail about a particular aspect or offering of your school, highlighting what sets your school apart from the rest. We encourage you to keep these around one to two minutes and focus on what the viewer needs to know about your school the most. 

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3. Parent Testimonial Videos

Capturing parent testimonies on video is a great way to influence the enrollment decisions of prospective students and families. Parent testimonial videos create trust and credibility between the viewer and your school. Prospective parents are most influenced by others positive experiences because it can reinforce their decision. We encourage customer testimonial videos to stay within one to two minutes for maximum viewer engagement.  

4. Alumni Testimonial Videos

Alumni testimonial videos are a great way to showcase the impact your school has on students and the future success they achieved. Alumni testimonial videos are an effective way to communicate the value your school created for a student through a story of their own personal experience. These videos are great because they relate to prospective students on a deeper level. Prospective students are most influenced by other students' positive experiences because it makes them feel like they will have a similar experience themselves if they go to your school. 

5. Fundraising Videos

Video is a very effective way to boost fundraising initiatives and help meet (and exceed) revenue goals. Fundraising videos are targeted to current, former or even prospective donors to the school. Fundraising videos explain why donors should give money, where that money goes, and the impact that their gifts have on your school and ultimately their students. 


Well there you have it — the top five most popular types of video marketing right now in 2018. We encourage you to consider trying one, or trying them all, to boost your school's marketing campaigns. And when you need a professional to help you, be sure to check out JM Films!

The Use of Video Among Independent Schools

jon morgan of jm films Jon Morgan, Director/Producer. Jon founded JM Films in 2015 with a mission to create awesome videos for clients. Along the way he discovered a natural fit between video and marketing for schools. JM Films works with schools to help them grow brand awareness and increase enrollment through strategic video marketing. Whether it be by producing a brand video, explainer or testimonial videos, Jon and his team work along side schools to help them craft an effective video marketing strategy that is going to connect, inform and convert their target market.

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