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Top Blogs of 2021: Ideas for Marketing, Communications, Admissions & More
Mia Major

As schools and districts entered their third Covid school year, it’s no surprise that our most-loved content focused on amping up your digital presence. From websites and virtual events to advertising and content, you really dove into crafting a better digital footprint, which should put you ahead of the curve for 2022.

Top Blogs: Your Picks

Here’s a list of our top ten most-read blogs of 2021 — and what can we say, we think you have great taste.

1. 10 School Newsletter Ideas (For When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Share)

More than 50,000 school professionals loved this blog in 2021. Although it was written early in the pandemic (2020), it was our top-read blog this year. As it turns out, many of you must think your email newsletter content needs a little love. 

If you loved this blog, you’ll also love reading 10 Proven Strategies for Amazing District Newsletters and Your No-Fail Recipe For Building The Best School Newsletter Layout.

2. How To Plan And Execute A Virtual Or Hybrid Graduation Experience That Truly Honors Seniors

Virtual graduations are here to stay — and this blog inspired many of you to focus on what matters most: your seniors.

3. The 10 Most Overused Words On School Websites

With your school or district’s website serving as your first impression for prospective families and faculty, what you say matters. Similarly, this blog on value propositions almost always tops the charts.

4. 8 Amazing Virtual Open House Examples That Make In-Person Events A Thing Of The Past

As we all crave in-person interactions, virtual still has its place. This inspiration-packed blog is just what admissions professionals needed in 2021. This blog on open house promotion strategies was also a hit.

5. 8 Smart Marketing Strategies For Schools

Everyone’s busy — which is why focusing on what offers the best ROI is essential. This blog offers the top eight marketing strategies to help schools and districts thrive in 2022 and beyond.

6. 12 School Advertising Ideas: Top Dos And Don'ts

With increased competition for recruitment, we’ve seen a rise in digital advertising from schools. This blog is packed with the most important strategies for schools to consider. (And if you’re just getting started, don’t miss this advertising 101 blog.)

7. What Makes A Good School Website?

It’s true: your website is your digital first impression, and its design accounts for 94% of a prospect’s perception of your school. Is it beautiful? Modern? Mobile-friendly? Does it load quickly? Are the visuals compelling? No school or district wants to create a bad first impression, which explains why this blog was so popular this year. 

You also looked for inspiration by reviewing the top public school websites of the year, website engagement strategies, and top landing page design ideas.

Website Redesign Playbook

8. How Much Should it Cost to Redesign My School’s Website?

We sense a pattern here...if you happened to read “What Makes a Good School Website?” and it seemed like your current site missed the mark, you ventured to this blog. And speaking of redesigns, you also loved reading tips for migrating website content.

9. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Schools

Is social media never not changing? It makes sense that you loved reading these three blogs hyper-focused on best practices for each platform. You also loved this post on creating a social media plan, and this one on social media policies, even though they were just outside the top ten list.

Free Download: the Complete Social Media Calendar for Schools

10. Email Drip Campaign Ideas For Admissions

It looks like you all got the memo that 72% of un-nurtured leads enroll elsewhere. This blog from 2020 was one of your favorites this year, alongside 3 Email Campaign Ideas For Enrollment And Retention

Top Blogs: Our Picks

Did somebody say “hidden gems”? Our team writes, on average, 2-3 blogs each week — that’s more than 100 blogs each year! Here’s a few that you may have missed that will definitely come in handy as we look ahead to 2022.

1. 3 Ways ESSER Funds Can Be Used For Communications

For public school districts, ESSER funds can be a game-changer for getting that new school website you’ve been waiting for. If a new website is on your wishlist for 2022, don’t miss this blog.

2. The First 100 Days: Tips For Introducing New School Leaders

The pandemic has brought record-high transitions in leadership at schools — and making the most of those first 100 days is key.

3. Tips For Aligning Marketing And Admissions Efforts At Your School

Say “goodbye” to silos. If you want to get things done in 2022, you’re going to need to work together — this blog is a great starting point. Need buy-in from leadership? This blog is a great read, too.

4. The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Apps For Schools

Parents expect immediate and transparent communications — and a mobile app is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to provide it. If you haven’t added a mobile app to your school’s communications lineup, this blog is for you.

5. Cyber Attacks On The Rise: Top Safety Considerations For School Websites

Your community expects a lot from your website. It needs to work across all devices, have east access to information, load quickly, and have a modern look and feel. Most importantly, they want to know their information is safe. 

6. Innovative Teacher Recruitment Strategies Using Your Website

The teacher shortage was real well-before the pandemic. For faculty and staff looking to find their new (hopefully) long-term place of employment, your website is likely their first stop.

7. 6 Fresh Ideas For School Staff Recognition

Speaking of teacher recruitment...don’t forget retention. Keeping current faculty and staff happy and engaged is key to creating a connected community.

8. 4 School District Communications Predictions For 2022

Wondering what’s in store for the new year? Don’t miss this data-backed round-up of predictions for 2022. And once you read this, don’t miss: Why Digital Marketing Matters To School Districts and Why SEO Matters to Your District’s Brand.

9. Multilingual Website Best Practices For Schools

As more families engage with your website, ensuring the content can be read by all visitors is key.

10. 5 Digital Strategies To Improve Your School’s Print Marketing Efforts

With everyone staring at screens all day, printed materials continue to make a comeback — and connecting them with your digital assets is essential.

Thank you for a memorable 2021, and best wishes for a successful 2022! (And p.s. If you loved this content, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get content like this delivered to your inbox each week.)

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