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Website Fixer Upper Episode 1: The Wyndcroft School
Mia Major

Welcome to our new video blog series, Website Fixer Upper! In this new series, we're showcasing how you can take the good bones of any website, and transform pages into incredible digital experiences.

Each week, I'll be rolling up my sleeves and diving into one of our client's websites on Composer to share step-by-step guides for improving their website page.

Episode 1: The Wyndcroft School

The Wyndcroft School is one of the best private, day schools in Pennsylvania. This co-ed elementary and middle school in Pottstown, PA is focused on selling their high-value programs to a tough market: millennial parents. However, their text-heavy interior pages weren't cutting it in terms of selling the value of the school's outstanding education and experience.

In Episode 1 of Website Fixer Upper, I'm changing that. Watch the video below to learn tips on web design, see a content #DemoDay, and watch a web page transform in under 15 minutes using Finalsite's CMS, Composer!

Key Takeaways:

  • Know Your Audience: Millennials like scannable content, so find ways to break up content into bulleted lists and accordions, and use a smart information hierarchy to draw the user in.
  • Never have a dead-end page: Every page on your website should have some kind of call-to-action button to further engage your website visitors.
  • Use Visuals Strategically: Photos shouldn't be an afterthought. Consider how you can use them on your page to segment content, tell a story, and draw the user in.
  • Focus on Keywords: It is really easy to get caught up in "fluff," when creating a website. Find new ways to call out key value propositions and pieces of content you need prospective families to see.

Submit Your Website

Do you want to submit your website for Finalsite's Website Fixer Upper? Email me at — and your website could be next! (You can also email me with feedback and suggestions to make this new blog series even better!)

Here's how it works:

  • You submit your site and website page that you'd like to have "fixed up" to
  • As long as you are a current client on Composer, you'll get added to the docket!
  • Your website page will be edited and improved using industry best practices and design elements your site already has in place.
  • You're happy. We're happy. Everybody wins.

And if you're not a client, or currently not using Composer, you can request a free website audit to get feedback on your website by clicking the button below!

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Mia Major

As Finalsite's Content Marketing Manager, Mia shares innovative and helpful content that helps schools and districts create captivating online experiences that increase brand awareness, student and faculty retention, and school-to-home communications. With more than five years experience in the industry, Mia has written more than 200 articles, eBooks, and reports about best practices for schools on a variety of topics from social media to web design. As a former TV and news reporter, and wedding photographer, Mia specializes in sharing how to use storytelling to power your school's admissions funnel. When she isn't busy creating content or hosting her #LIKEABOSS Podcast for FinalsiteFM, you can find her hiking with her Boston terrier, running an army wives meeting at Fort Campbell, or enjoying a well-deserved savasana on her yoga mat.

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