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5 Reasons AI Won't Kill Your School's SEO (And 5 Ways It Might)
Connor Gleason

Will artificial intelligence (AI) replace your school’s need for search engine optimization (SEO)? It sounds like something you could Google, or maybe you could just ask ChaGPT...

There's been a considerable amount of uncertainty about AI in education and its long-term impact on a website’s SEO. The idea is daunting, partly because of the need for school pros to stay up to date on long-term SEO best practices and also because it involves grappling with the intricacies of advanced AI technologies that are moving at the speed of light. 

Yes, AI is rapidly transforming how users engage with search engines, which means traditional SEO tactics might soon become less effective. If AI holds all the answers, is keeping your school’s website updated and optimized a waste of your precious time?

The answer is no. And yes. And maybe…

With so many users turning to chatbots and ChatGPT for their burning questions, how should schools adjust their SEO strategy?

How are AI and SEO Connected?

AI and SEO are closely linked because AI, in the broader sense, is increasingly used to drive the way search engines work, which affects how your school should start thinking about SEO.

In its earliest versions, ChatGPT was limited to the data it had been trained on, such as books, websites, academic papers, and other educational materials. Now, with the latest update, ChatGPT can analyze, read, and understand content on the web.

Still, ChatGPT’s role is more about supporting content creation and offering advice or insights. AI can assist in formulating SEO strategies, provide suggestions on keywords, help brainstorm content ideas or offer insights into SEO best practices. It doesn’t replace the need for SEO best practices or the nuanced analysis that specialized SEO tools and school pros (like you!) provide.

Here’s How AI Can Assist Your School's SEO Efforts

Google’s Search Algorithms

Search engines use AI to understand and rank web pages. This means the SEO best practices for schools' websites are still in play, and you need to align those strategies with how AI interprets content based on keywords, relevance, user intent, and quality.

Content Optimization

Leveraging AI tools can help your school optimize its website content by analyzing your content's effectiveness and suggesting improvements. ChatGPT can help it meet the criteria search engines are looking for, like readability and keyword usage.

User Experience

AI is used to analyze user behavior on websites and for your school's website. AI can help identify what visitors to your site are looking for and how they interact with your content, which allows you to make adjustments that improve their experience AND your site’s ranking.

Predictive Analysis

AI can predict trends and user behaviors, helping your school stay ahead in its SEO strategy. By understanding upcoming trends in education and search behavior, you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

AI is used in how search engines operate and how they rank websites, which influences SEO best practices. For your schools, this means adapting SEO strategies to be more in line with AI-driven search algorithms, focusing on:

  • High-quality content
  • User experience
  • Understanding your target audience's needs

Now that we know a little more about how AI affects SEO and vice versa, let’s get to the million-dollar question: Will AI replace SEO?

5 Reasons AI Won’t Kill Your School’s SEO

While AI is significantly impacting SEO, the idea (or fear) that it will entirely replace SEO is a bit of a misconception. Artificial intelligence will not replace the need for SEO; rather, it's transforming how SEO is done. However, it's worth exploring this perspective and here’s why:

1) AI Enhances SEO

AI helps automate and refine many SEO processes, like keyword research, content optimization, and user experience analysis. Instead of replacing SEO, AI is making it more efficient and effective.

2) Human Insight is Still Crucial

AI tools rely on algorithms and data, but they don't fully understand human emotions and experiences. Human insight is needed to understand nuances, make strategic decisions, and create content that resonates with your families.

3) SEO Adapts to AI Changes

As AI evolves, so does SEO. With AI's role in search engine algorithms, SEO strategies now focus more on user intent, content relevance, and user experience. Your school should adapt its strategies to align with content made for humans, by humans.

4) SEO is More Than Just Rankings

SEO is often thought of as just “getting to the top of search results,” but it’s really about your school building a trustworthy online presence, enhancing user experience, and creating content that engages your families. AI can assist with that, but it’s not replacing human connections. It’s those areas where human creativity and understanding play a major role.

5) Ethical and Strategic Considerations

AI can analyze data and suggest optimizations, but ethical considerations, brand alignment, and strategic decisions require human judgment from school leaders and pros with years of experience.

Sure, AI is a powerful tool that enhances and complements SEO, but it doesn’t replace the need for human expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking — everything central to effective SEO practices. However…

SEO & Digital Advertising Fundamentals for Schools

5 Reasons AI Might Kill Your School’s SEO

There are some concepts that should be considered as AI continues to advance its influence on how users search for and engage with your school’s online presence. Here are five reasons why AI could potentially replace traditional SEO:

1) Advanced Data Analysis and Insights

AI can process and analyze vast amounts of data much faster and more efficiently than we mortals. This capability means AI can quickly identify trends, patterns, and insights that would take humans much longer to uncover, potentially making some traditional SEO analysis methods obsolete.

2) Automated Content Optimization

AI tools are increasingly capable of automatically optimizing content for search engines. They can analyze keywords, suggest improvements to meta descriptions, and even generate basic content, which streamlines writing that traditionally required a lot of human input, like social media and blog posts.

3) Predictive Search Behaviors

AI's ability to predict user behavior and preferences could change how search queries are processed and ranked. This might mean that ranking higher with a traditional focus on keywords, page title, and backlinks becomes less relevant, as AI algorithms become better at understanding and predicting user intent.

4) Personalized Search Results

As AI technology improves, search engines are able to provide more personalized search results based on individual user behavior. This could reduce the importance of a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy as the focus shifts to catering to individualized user experiences. Google’s Search Generative Experience seems to be headed down this road, so stay tuned.

5) Constant Algorithm Changes

AI enables search engines to update their algorithms more frequently, and that could make it difficult for traditional SEO strategies to keep up.

Key Takeaway

AI is evolving so fast that few people have all the answers. While AI will certainly continue to influence and change SEO practices, it’s not likely to replace the need for human insight, creativity, and strategic thinking. For schools, AI is more likely to be a tool that complements and enhances SEO rather than making it a thing of the past.

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Connor has spent the last decade within the field of marketing and communications, working with independent schools and colleges throughout New England. As Finalsite’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, Connor plans and executes marketing strategies and digital content across the web. A former photojournalist, he has a passion for digital media, storytelling, coffee, and creating content that connects.

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