Increase Engagement with Personalized Content
Lauren Barth

Do you have visitors coming to your website from around the world? Would you like to tailor content to your users based on their browser language or geographical location? Finalsite will soon be launching a new type of "Personalization" element that will allow you to do just this!

Your school will be able to create "segments" of users - these can be simple, such as "visitors from China," or they can be more complex with and/or logic, tying together one or more languages or locations.

Screenshot of personalization segment management

Once you've created these segments, you can then assign different content to each using any element offered in the Composer element library via the Personalization element.

Screenshot of element library with Personalization highlighted

Think of the Personalization element as a container, a placeholder, for different elements of content that will change depending on which segment rules apply to the visitor.

Targeting users with more relevant, personalized content is shown to increase the time users spend on your website, as well as to deepen their engagement with your site.


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