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Messages: Feature update, May 1st
Lauren Barth

Work on the new Messages module is well underway -- Messages can already be used to...

Create and edit templates using the same great editor with a much-improved workflow:

Create and send messages, as well as test messages, along with an update, more streamline workflow:

Create and manage mailing lists - recipients can only be added manually at the moment:

New fields for "internal name" and "notes" to help schools better manage messages internally - especially those that are sent on a recurring basis and may have the same same subject line:

Manage reply-to addresses to allow schools to add any necessary reply-to addresses, along with permissions to limit who has access to use each:

A few new features, we've just added...

More personalization options, including personalizing the subject line:

Enabling support for even more constituent fields!

Up next, we're working on:

  • Basic reporting
  • Integration of dynamic content: Posts, Calendars, Athletics 
  • Scheduled sends
  • List permissions
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