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Granby Public School Conquer Redesigning at a Low Cost
Gretchen Pancak

Granby Public School District offers quality education in the heart of quintessential New England, and it is no question that their new website reflects just that.

With the help of the Finalsite Platform, the district has improved the way they communicate online.

Starting with a re-brand of the district's logo and colors, and concluding with a brand new responsive website, Granby Public Schools has captured the interest and needs of all members in the Granby community.

Granby Public Schools responsive website

Saving Time and Money

The collaboration between Finalsite and the Granby School District has not only enhanced their overall image, but has been a huge cost saver for the district.

Jon Lambert, Director of Technology for Granby Public Schools, speaks on the value of Finalsite as a cost saver, "We needed a professional looking design and features, but could not afford a full time person to be our webmaster."

"The Finalsite Platform has helped make the website manageable for our technology department without the need for a full time technical position."

"The toolset promotes communication and collaboration with our community by empowering our staff with the ability to contribute and manage much of the content themselves."

It is easy for public school districts to be swayed by free website design software, or"> open source solutions like Wordpress because of their affordability. However, with the amount of design work and coding that goes along with such platforms, many districts would be forced into hiring a full-time webmaster— something that the district wanted to avoid.

The district uses Finalsite because it grants staff complete control of website content, without the need for a full time staff member to manage a site, code, and update. This in return provides more flexibility and opportunity for all essential personnel, rather than just one person having the responsibility for all of the website's content — which is a recipe for back-log.

"We are able to make changes and publish information to the website quickly since key stakeholders throughout the organization are involved and able to update its content. Situations often arise when the district office, schools, or departments need to post something to the web immediately. With Finalsite we are able to grant our user's permissions to specific areas of the site so that they are able do this with ease," said Jon.

Although Granby is a small district, the Finalsite Platform allows them to designate numerous individuals of all skill levels maintain their site and content. The website maintenance is simple, manageable and does not require html or coding.

Say it with me: "no coding!"

5 Tips for a Successful Public School District Website Redesign

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Sharing District-Wide Content Management Responsibility

Granby Public School District has taken advantage of the Finalsite Platform and its ability to have designated individuals edit and update the site without knowing code — proving that with the strenuous task of keeping up-to -date can easily be managed.

The school district's website is not only updated and maintained by the assistive staff to the Superintendent and Administrators, but also the school offices and department heads for each school. This has given all essential personnel a voice for the district and has had a direct impact with overall communications.

Granby Public High School

Each school's content administrators use Finalsite's News and Calendar Managers to keep pertinent information on the school's homepage, without needing to put a long and tasking approval process in place.

Granby Public Schools Calendar

"The district administration has provided our web content contributors in each building with content and publishing guidelines. With the Finalsite design in place, and accompanying toolset, our technology department can easily maintain the professional look and feel," said Jon.

A New, Responsive Design

While the Finalsite Platform serves as the foundation for the district's complete redesign, they enhanced it with their own creative ideas.

With the added sophistication of drone videography, and great photography the district enhanced their story and made a statement.

In addition, the websites' popular feature includes a "trending" box, where important dates and recent activity within the district are displayed at the top of the page. Along with a simplified design for their website, the Granby Schools District has mastered the art of controlling content and eliminating clutter!

Granby Public School District's successful redesign can be accounted to their drive to obtain a more modern and sophisticated look as well as their passion for improving the overall image and success for their district. Along with a new logo and site colors to bring a fresh look, the district's rebranding has been transformed their website to reflect the quality of their education system.

Granby Public Schools has not only mastered the use of their website as a time and cost saver, but as a canvas to reflect the success and engagement of their students.

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