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How the Finalsite and Blackbaud Partnership is Shaping Digital Strategy
Jon Moser

Behind every great digital strategy is great data. Accurate data is the key to every department at your school. For marketing, admissions and development, it ensures you get the right message to the right person at the right time to gain an inquiry or donation. For academics, it means that your teachers always have the right class, roster, grade and attendance information. And when your technology department doesn't have great data, all your great digital strategies and campaigns can suffer. Our goal is the make sure that our partnership help you the school share data in a more effective way.

Data integrity, simplicity, and integration is something we've always offered and made a priority here at Finalsite. We have an entire development team dedicated to this effort and have worked with over 60 integration and single sign-on partners. We've always encouraged all our schools to connect their systems to ensure that their databases are automatically consistent to save time and promise accuracy.

To further our mission of making it easy for schools to have good data for all their digital initiatives, we recently partnered with Blackbaud to offer a new integration: A best-of-breed all-in-one that connects Blackbaud's ON products and the Finalsite Platform.

Finalsite + Blackbaud Partership

Our schools asked so we delivered: rather than staying on opposing teams, we decided it would be better to play on one winning team that offered a greater benefit to the school community. That's why on March 1st we proudly announced a new partnership with Blackbaud — one of our biggest value adds to the independent school community. This partnership was created to better serve joint customers by offering data integration from the "ON" Products to Composer, Finalsite's CMS for schools. The integration between platforms automates data in a "set it and forget it way" from the ON's Products to Finalsite and eliminates the need for manual data uploads.

In addition to integrating with Blackbaud's ON products, this partnership is a stepping stone to deeper integrations with Raiser's Edge NXT to better serve development professionals around the world. Future plans include improved integration with Raiser's Edge and Raiser's Edge NXT to make accessing alumni data to send targeted email communications easy.

At Finalsite, it is our goal to provide schools with options — to work with the partners they choose. For us, that means working closely with Blackbaud to help the independent school market solve always have the best of both worlds. This partnership promises a future of more robust communications and improved digital engagement, and we are excited to see what happens next.


Jon Moser

As founder, CEO, and current Board Member of Finalsite, Jon Moser is passionate about web trends and strategies that impact education. For more than twelve years, Jon and Finalsite have been committed to providing cutting-edge web technology for clients. He is a frequent advisor, keynoter, blogger and presenter on all things web related. When he isn't at Finalsite HQ, Jon can be found on his farm raising chickens and selling free range eggs or spending time with his wife and five children.

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