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How to Engage Prospective International Faculty Using Your Website
Debbie Eisenach

The busy teacher recruitment season, filled with job fairs around the world, is about to get into full swing — meaning, your administration will be busy flying to cities to meet with candidates and will be making hiring decisions in short periods of time.

Just look at this calendar of dates for upcoming events:

Search Associates Job Fairs

If you're heading to a job fair, whether it's nearby or across the pond, here are some tips and strategies to ensure your international school can recruit the right faculty for your international school.

Ensuring a good teacher fit is critical

International schools experience about a 30% teacher turnover rate every year, so recruiting and hiring new teachers is a major task. The logistics for hiring and moving globally dispersed candidates is costly and time-consuming, so ensuring a good fit up front is critical to bolstering teacher retention, reducing new employee training, and minimizing hiring costs in the long run.

Hiring teachers is a 2 way process. You need to learn the most about a potential candidate from their CV, during interviews and through references. Likewise candidates want to find out as much as they possibly can about your school. Most often, they are not able to visit your school prior to accepting a job and many have never even been to your host country. A good candidate will do their research by talking to friends, researching via LinkedIn and Facebook, and reading online school reviews.

However, the most accurate place to find out information is your website. And unlike all the other methods, you can control the messaging.

You need to put in as much effort into attracting quality staff as you do to attracting new families. With a good website you can really make your school come to life in order to not only answer key questions but make prospective faculty see a bit deeper into the heart and soul of your school.

Some of the key concerns of prospective faculty include:

  • What is the school all about? What is the curriculum?
  • What makes this school unique?
  • How is the school managed?Where are the other teachers from and how do they like the school?
  • Will I like the foreign city and country? And what's it like (and what does it costs) to live there?
  • Does the school offer professional development?
  • What are the benefits?

With a little extra effort, you can create an exceptional recruitment area on your website that goes beyond just answering basic questions.

Website Content Planner

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Here are some examples of how our international schools engage prospective faculty with their school's community and culture on their website.

The United Nations School of Hanoi does a stellar job by including videos, fast facts, testimonials, life in the area and much more to really showcase their school.

United Nations School Hanoi

Their Job Opportunities Page also has a great video with information to entice faculty to work at the school. Remember: it's all about making them want to become part of your school's story and community.

United Nations School Hanoi

Easily accessible from their homepage, The American School of Dubai's employment page is packed with information and includes a password protected new faculty portal where more sensitive information is stored.

American School Dubai

Many international schools' main navigations include a link to an employment section. For example, The American School in London provides an engaging section, including a specialized recruitment video that really brings their school to life and gives you the flavor of the environment, culture and current staff.

American School London

Your site should provide enough information to prospective faculty so that after they review the information, they can whole heartedly say, "Hire me and you won't regret it!" Singapore American School's employment section is packed with inspiring videos, information, and call to action buttons that make it easy to apply.

Singapore American School

Now that back-to-school rush is over and before the teacher recruitment process is in full swing in the new year, it's a great time to look at some of these best practice sites and make some updates to your own site.

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