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Is an LMS the Solution to Your Academic Headaches?
Mia Major

Snow days, printing and copying, budgets, "forgotten" and "misplaced" assignments, more printing and copying — they're putting a cramp in the style of teaching and learning at your school. And that can have some serious consequences, from wasted time and resources to dropping test scores and classroom attendance.

Today, essential, thought-provoking discussions are in some cases replaced by PowerPoint presentations, dreary lectures and in-classroom reading due to the high demands and evolving expectations of the education industry.

Your students have to know this math equation. They have to be taught that time period in history. Be sure they read this book in AP Literature.

Yes, educational standards are set for a reason. The key to success however, is finding a way to meet these standards while also providing an engaging experience that goes beyond question #7 on page 832. (These students can also be teenagers, don't forget.)

But we get it — you only have so much time. So how exactly do you find the time to provide essential information and present it in such a way that it's enjoyable?

You guessed it: a Learning Management System (LMS).

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The Transcendent Classroom Experience

Traditional classroom learning is nothing short of irreplaceable — but that's the very point.

Technology has provided the education industry with an amazing tool that allows online learning and traditional classroom learning to coexist, and therefore create a transcendent classroom experience that invites students to engage with learning, rather than have it spewed at them in a series of slides and scribbled notes.

Supplementing the in-classroom learning with online learning allows your teachers to essentially flip the way they teach: they can provide recorded lectures and downloadable resources online, and reserve the classroom for conversations that engage, spark curiosity and questions, and in some cases, heated debates.

And it's not just the classroom experience, but the extracurricular experience as well. Students at St. Mary's Lynn High School in Massachusetts use their LMS to provide school clubs and organizations with a platform to communicate share information privately and instantly.

Transparency that Conquers Questions and Insecurities

Your teachers have to deal with an array of demands from "helicopter parents," as well as the repercussions from disconnected parents — the complaints, never-ending emails, questions, and even the arguments over absences and test scores.

An LMS provides your teachers with a virtually flawless track record of student attendance, homework submissions, and test scores. So questions like — "What do you mean my daughter Sarah get a D on this exam? She was at every class." — can easily be answered with indisputable hard facts.

And of course, it's not just parents. Transparency helps ease the mind of students as well. Online homework assignments provide solid proof that they've been submitted, while online grades and progress reports make it possible for students to know their grades instantly in some cases.

24-7 Learning

Online learning does have the capability to banish snow days, prevent sick students from falling behind, and school athletes to stay on top of their work. The ability to share resources, lectures, assignments, and media directly online makes it easy for students and teachers to stay connected in all kinds of situations. So, even though no one wants to be watching the biology lecture they missed on the bus ride home from their football game — it's possible.

Improved Budgetary Spending

A budget well spent brings a year of content. By implementing an LMS, your school will be able to save thousands on print and copy costs — allowing you to allocate that part of your budget elsewhere. (Maybe that much-needed website redesign?)

Don't believe us? St. Mary's Ryken High school in Maryland had a teacher go from 1,000 copies a year to zero!

It is not just about print and copy costs, but also meeting the needs of your school. With 1:1 programs taking schools around the world by storm, having an LMS is an important piece of that. Investing in a responsive LMS that can be used on any device invites students to stay connected wherever they are — not just in class or at home.

Want an LMS but need proof that it is worth the investment?

This infographic provides an overview of ROI, from going green to improved classroom engagement.

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