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Recent Software Updates: Improved Analytics
Daisey Fahringer

We're excited to share two enhancements to the FinalsiteApply software. Both available in the Analytics tab, the new Checklist Completion Analytics and re-vamped Enrollment Summary are designed make it easy for you and your admissions team to locate the most up-to-date information about applicant status.

1. Checklist Completion Analytics

You and your team are going to love this newly added feature! Keeping tabs of applicant checklists can now be done in one, centralized location under the Checklist Completion tab.


Checklists can be filtered by academic year, grade, or checklist completion status (pending, partial, or complete). So, if you only want to view items for the 2015 – 2016 school year for your middle school that are pending, you can do so in just a couple clicks.

Once you've filtered your checklist, a list of students who fit the filtered criteria will be listed in the roster view. From there, you'll be able to send a checklist reminder or private message.


2. New Enrollment Summary

New, detailed enrollment analytics make tracking year-to-year enrollment easier and more organized than ever before. Replacing the simplified enrollment data line graph, the new Enrollment Summary includes an organized chart that details:

  • Total Confirmed, Pending and Declined Re-Enrollment
  • Total Enrolled Students
  • Total Confirmed
  • Total Capacity
  • Total Seats Still Available

Enrollment Summary

The Enrollment Summary is organized by grade, making it easy to see which grades are full, and which ones still have seats to fill — helping you re-prioritize your efforts.

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